Drag Race UK Series 4: Meet Pixie Polite


BBC Three

Pixie Polite, 29, Brighton
Pronouns out of drag: He / They
Pronouns in drag: She / Her

Tell us about yourself!
I'm Pixie Polite, I'm 29 years old and I'm from Brighton!

How would you sum up your drag in three words?
Big, bold and beautiful.

What can you expect at a Pixie Polite show?
If you come to a Pixie Polite show, you'll get some powerhouse vocals, all the camp tunes anyone could want for and a little bit comedy thrown in for good measure. Who doesn't love a good time? I do.

Where did you drag name come from?
I chose the name Pixie because I've always loved Disney and Tinkerbell and I thought it was really funny that this large lady would be called Pixie!

I've always been a very polite young woman, and so Pixie Polite was born! Pixie Polite by name, And Pixie Polite by nature! But, drag gives you the licence to be naughty, so if these girls come for me I might get a bit rude!

How long have you been doing drag?
I've been doing drag now for about eight years and that makes me a veteran. I’m very experienced, and well known. I’m booked and blessed, so, sign me up for battle!

Why drag?
Drag is an incredibly powerful thing. Before I started drag, I wouldn't have said boo to a goose but here I am now and I feel so incredibly confident. It has the power to transform you into the most fabulous version of yourself.

Tell us about this hometown look that you’re wearing?
My outfit today is inspired by my hometown of Brighton. It is inspired by the iconic Brighton seafront. I spent a lot of time in my childhood wandering along that promenade, so why not dress up as a promenade?! It would be camp if I broke the drag race Brighton curse wouldn’t it?!

What are your drag strengths?
I think I'm quite unique and I've done a lot of things in my career. I sing, I dance and I act. I can do comedy and I host. I do a little bit of everything reasonably well. You’ve got to be versatile. You can't just be a one trick pony. I'm a many tricked cow of the camp variety. I'm hoping that I can stand out from the crowd in this competition.

Do you have a Drag Race UK game plan?
I have been known to be very competitive in the past. I've been nominated and won quite a few awards and so I always want to win.

My game plan coming into this competition is basically just to be the most talented, the most stunning and to win! I know I'm fabulous and I want the rest of the world to know how fabulous I am too!

How are you feeling about being on Drag Race UK Series 4?
I'm so excited. I think the world is ready for Pixie Polite to be the Queen of the UK, don't you? It's honestly a dream come true. I never thought a big ol’ camp cow like me would make it here but here I am! I'm very excited to get to all those challenges and shake my booty all over that Werk Room, honey!


Drag Race UK series 4 will return on BBC Three and BBC iPlayer on Tuesday 22nd September.

Source BBC Three

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