Interview with Charlotte Crosby on BBC Three Series "Charlotte In Sunderland" which airs February 1

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Tell us what Charlotte In Sunderland will explore?
Charlotte in Sunderland is a series that explores all of the ups and downs of life through my eyes as I grew up, fell in love, had my baby and worked on my businesses. Viewers will get to see my relationship with my partner Jake which I've previously been quite private about, my whole pregnancy journey and obviously the birth of my beautiful little girl Alba. They will also see the horrendous impact of my Mam’s breast cancer diagnosis. Because so much was happening in our lives at the time, they will also get to see a really in depth look at my life during filming.

What made you want to make this series?

At first, I wanted to make the series because I wanted people to get a real good insight into how hard I actually do work. I think that there is a big preconception about me as a reality TV star - that I’m probably not doing much! I thought that this show would show a complete opposite side of me.

How did it feel to film the documentary back in your hometown of Sunderland?

Filming the documentary in my home town of Sunderland was amazing. It was so lovely to showcase all of the amazing parts of the North East which I am sure most people don’t even know exist. I feel so proud to show viewers the spectacular countryside, and beaches near my home town and also one of the friendliest cities in the UK.

Audiences have seen you grow up on television after starring on Geordie Shore for five years – what do you hope audiences can learn about you now from watching this series?

I think a lot of people don’t realise how hard I work and how driven and ambitious I am so this is what I hope for people see in this show.

You have a close relationship with your family and your partner, how was it filming the show with them?

I have filmed with my family previously so I’m very comfortable filming with my Mam and Dad, however it’s the first time I’ve ever filmed with Jake so it was really pleasantly surprising to see how well he took to it in spite of his nerves!

We will see the running of your various businesses throughout the series. As a successful business owner, what advice you would give other young people wanting to start their own?

This might sound like a strange piece of advice but I know lots of people (including friends of mine) who have great business ideas and they just talk and talk about it so my advice to anyone out there wanting to start a business is make a start and don’t just talk about it - just get going! Everyone has to start somewhere so take the plunge.

You have a large social media following. How important is social media to you and how do you embed it into your life on a day to day basis?

Long before I started on TV, I had every social media platform going. I loved it and I was a big fan of Myspace when I was younger. I think if I hadn’t ended up on TV, I’d probably have gone into a career in social media management or maybe digital marketing or sales. I like to use social media as a personal window to my life, so people can have a little look in and enjoy seeing little updates from me and my family. Obviously, it’s great as a sales platform especially with my own businesses to promote product launches, however I try not to use it solely for that or it will just dilute everything and people will get fed up!

You gave birth to your daughter, Alba whilst filming the series. How was it to capture such an important moment for yourself and your family on camera?

I’ve talked about filming the birth of my child for so many years now so it just felt so normal. I knew it was going to happen at some point in my life. In fact, having the cameras there made me feel a lot more at ease about the whole situation so it was so nice. I didn’t feel like they were there at some points because we were so caught up in the moment and in the emotion. I can’t wait to watch that moment back and have that moment forever and even watch it one day with Alba.

After such an eventful year, what do you hope the next year will bring for you and your family?

Having Alba is the best thing that has ever happened to me, however this year has also been overshadowed by huge heartache loss and pain with the death of my lovely little Nana Jean and my Mam’s battle with breast cancer. I can only say for next year that I pray it will be full of good health, happiness and success for the whole of the year…. and hopefully an engagement!

What can viewers expect when they tune in to the show on BBC Three?

This show I can say wholeheartedly is the most personally intense show that I’ve ever filmed in my life. I’ve never filmed a show like this, the things that happened in this year while filming really are the most personal things I’ve ever shown on TV. Some moments came from nowhere and just kept coming, we were completely reeling. I can only say this show is up there as one of the best most in-depth insights into my life that you will ever get to see and if you thought you knew me, then you’re about to see a whole different side of me.


Charlotte In Sunderland is a brand new BBC Three reality entertainment show with access all areas into the unpredictable dynamic world of entrepreneur and TV personality, Charlotte Crosby showing her as she has never been seen before.

The show follows Charlotte as she pursues her personal and professional dreams in her beloved hometown of Sunderland whilst juggling the stresses of running her businesses and preparing for motherhood with boyfriend Jake. Viewers can expect to see the everyday goings-on in Charlotte’s successful empire as a resourceful and self made businesswoman who has amassed a large and loyal young fanbase throughout her years growing up in the limelight. With Charlotte based in her hometown, Charlotte in Sunderland shines a spotlight on the North East and all of the things that make it such a special place for Charlotte and her family.

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