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Tell us about Project Icon

It’s a brand new talent show on the BBC, but before you roll your eyes and think ‘not another singing contest’ let me explain…

It’s not like the ones you’ve seen before, all the contestants can sing and are all making their own music, we team them up with some industry big wigs AKA Jason frickin’ Derulo, his business partner Frank Harris and vocal sensation Becky Hill. It’s not just about how well they can sing, the show is all about how to nurture their talent and see if they have got the whole package, like can they write their own songs? How will they cope in the recording studio with a big name producer? How good is their social media presence? etc. The winner gets signed to Jason Derulo’s record label and the opportunity to perform at Radio 1’s Big Weekend!

What made you want to get involved in the show?

Being on BBC Radio 1 everyday makes you realise how important it is that we support and introduce new and exciting artists, it’s our bread and butter. And Project Icon is no different, just that it’s on the telly. Instantly I loved the idea of the show.

What is your role and what do you bring to the series?

I’m the host, but my main roll was hanging around with contestants, guiding them through the process and I suppose looking after them and making sure they were ok. It was a very intense few weeks but they were all incredible and an absolute pleasure to work with, not to mention how talented they were.

How was working with Jason, Becky and Frank?

I’d never met Jason or Frank before, and Frank can come across as really serious at first but he’s actually a really cool and nice guy, he always asked how I was every day and we talked about his family in America. Jason Derulo was the soundtrack to my uni years so working with him seemed surreal at times but he was really down to earth and I loved how driven and focused he is.

I’ve met Becky a few times and let me tell you that girl is an absolute joy to work with, she was so fun on set, the whole crew loved her!

Is there any memorable moments from filming for you?

On the very first day the judges walked in and asked the artists to sing there and then on the spot, they literally had to stand up and show us what they’ve got, it was terrifying for them but they all cracked on. We also went to the O2 arena for one of the challenges and that was a great day, and we filmed at this amazing mansion in the first week and I’ve never seen a house like it, it was beautiful!

What can viewers expect to see from the show?

That the music industry is really tough, and to make it in this game you’ve got work incredibly hard, take on feedback, criticism and constantly reinvent yourself. I couldn’t do it! Please don’t let that put you off from being a music artist if it’s what you love doing though, also the show is really fun and entertaining to watch!


Project Icon starts on Sunday 26 March at 9pm on BBC Three and BBC iPlayer.

Source BBC Three

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