I Kissed A Girl: Dannii Minogue welcomes three new girls to the Italian Masseria - Meet Lailah

Just when the girls are starting to find their feet, the path to love takes an unexpected turn...



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May 10, 2024 – A vision in Amalfi lemon yellow, at the end of episode three Dannii Minogue gathers the girls at the front of the Masseria for a challenge. At the end of the game, a surprise awaits…

Enter Beth, Em, and Lailah!

Relationships in the Masseria are about to be tested…

Meet Lailah







“It was amazing being in a fully queer environment! Growing up feeling like a minority, for me it was a nice change to know we were all girls that liked girls”

Lailah lives at home in Cardiff with her family and three dogs. She came out to her mum at 20, who supported the news wholeheartedly.

In 2021, Lailah landed a pro football contract in Switzerland at Lugano FC Women, where she played professionally for a year. After coming back to Cardiff she took a season off, then played for Swansea Women AFC. Football has taken her all over the world, even earning her a scholarship to college in the states of Michigan and Georgia. Today Lailah is studying a degree in Forensic Psychology.

Being the only person of colour in her friendship group, Lailah always felt a bit different, with that feeling growing stronger when she realised she liked girls as well as boys. Reflecting back on her younger years, Lailah says she would try to blend in as much as possible for fear of standing out. Now in her mid twenties, she is proud to be a bisexual woman of colour.

Lailah doesn’t have a set type, but it’s important that her partner matches her chilled energy and shares a love of adventure. Lailah says that the lesbian dating scene can move so fast and that pace is just not for her – she is looking for a serious relationship.

Well Lailah, you’re in the right place!

Source BBC Three

May 10, 2024 3:00am ET by Newsdesk  


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