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From 8-14 April on BBC iPlayer we head to the Upper East Side’s most exclusive private school as pop culture classic Gossip Girl's revival returns for more and we follow Stacey Dooley as she speaks to a group of Ukrainian citizens training for war here in the UK.

Sara Pascoe returns to try her hand at more of the world’s most unusual jobs, we travel to County Antrim to follow a young team at a cosmetics company, and head down under for a heartfelt and critically acclaimed Australian rom com.

Gossip Girl

New Year, new start and there's a new Queen of Constance. But the new Julien doesn't plan on doing anything about it. Returning for its second season, this extension of the pop culture classic takes us back to the Upper East Side.

Watch the second series of Gossip Girl as a boxset on iPlayer from Tuesday 11 April (link below)
Watch every episode of series one of the Gossip Girl reboot on BBC iPlayer now (link below)
Watch all six series of the original Gossip Girl on BBC iPlayer now (link below)

Stacey Dooley: Ready for War?

Stacey Dooley will follow a group of Ukrainian civilians as they arrive in the UK to begin five weeks of intensive army training with exclusive and unprecedented access to the British Army’s training mission.

Watch Stacey Dooley: Ready for War? on BBC iPlayer from Thursday 13 April (link below)

Watch more Stacey Dooley documentaries on BBC iPlayer now (link below)

Last Woman On Earth With Sara Pascoe

Writer and comedian Sara Pascoe will return for her second season. She’s off for new adventures, doing jobs that you didn’t even know existed and learning some unusual skills along the way including Lego master builder and Dead Sea lifeguard.

Watch Last Woman On Earth With Sara Pascoe each week on BBC iPlayer from Sunday 9 April (link below)

Made Up in Belfast

Made Up in Belfast unveils the lives, loves and friendships of the dynamic young team working at a global cosmetics company based in County Antrim, revealing the not-so-glamourous hard work that goes on behind-the-scenes.

Watch the full boxset of Made Up in Belfast on iPlayer from Tuesday 11 April (link below)

Colin From Accounts

In the critically acclaimed Australian romantic comedy, Ashley and Gordon, two single(ish) individuals find themselves drawn together by an unfortunate incident involving a car accident and an injured dog.

Watch the full boxset of Colin From Accounts on BBC iPlayer from Tuesday 11 April (link below)

What else is new to watch on BBC iPlayer in April?

Rain Dogs

Darkly comic new drama with Daisy May Cooper. A wild and punky tale of a mother’s love for her daughter, of deep-rooted and passionate friendships, and of brilliance thwarted by poverty and prejudice. From the brilliant Cash Carraway, Rain Dogs is the tale of a makeshift swaggerous family fed on defiance and chaos, and a deep but complicated love.

Watch Rain Dogs as a boxset on BBC iPlayer (link below)

Magpie Murders

Editor Susan Ryeland is eagerly awaiting the manuscript from Clover Books' number one best-selling author Alan Conway, whose hero Atticus Pünd regularly solves murder mysteries in the fictional village of Saxby on Avon. Susan is drawn into her own mystery when she and her boss realise that the final chapter is missing and Conway is found dead in his shrubbery. Starring Lesley Manville and Timothy McMullan.

Watch the Magpie Murders boxset on BBC iPlayer (link below)

The Apprentice Australia

Lord Sugar heads down under to meet the 16 celebrities battling it out over the coming weeks to win money for their charities, avoid being fired and ultimately end up crowned Australia’s Celebrity Apprentice. He is joined by retail magnate Janine Allis and tycoon Nick Bell to judge the first challenge, a fundraising golf tournament. The celebrities are split into two teams, Innovate and Collaborate, and we see the formation of friendships and rivalries from the very start.

Watch the The Apprentice Australia boxset on BBC iPlayer (link below)

Pilgrimage: The Road Through Portugal

Seven well-known personalities, with differing faiths and beliefs, meet in northern Portugal to tackle a modern-day Catholic pilgrimage. Known as the Northern Way, their destination is the famous sanctuary in the city of Fatima, one of the biggest Catholic pilgrimage destinations in the world.

Travelling by foot, road and train are actor Su Pollard, who was raised in the Church of England; Jewish actress Rita Simons; Pentecostal born-again Christian Shane Lynch of Boyzone fame; reality TV star and influencer Vicky Pattison, who is agnostic; Bobby Seagull, a practising Catholic, maths whizz and TV personality; Nabil Abdulrashid, a comedian and practising Muslim; and Paralympian skier Millie Knight, who is non-practising Church of England.

Watch Pilgrimage: The Road Through Portugal as a boxset on BBC iPlayer from Friday 7 April (link below)

Simon Reeve’s Return to Cornwall

Simon Reeve returns to visit one of Britain’s favourite counties to discover what life is really like for the locals after the summer crowds have gone.

Filmed as the energy and cost-of-living crisis began to take its toll, this is an eye-opening look at why Cornwall is one of the most desirable parts of the country and an iconic holiday destination but also one of the poorest counties in England.

Watch Simon Reeve’s Return to Cornwall as a boxset on BBC iPlayer (link below)

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