"UNGAZILIBALI (Don't Forget Yourself)"

A Healing Message For South African Women Featuring Msaki, Ami Faku, Zolani Mahola, Bonga Kwana, and Eryn Allen Kane


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Following Women's Month in South Africa, five top South African female artists -- Ami Faku, Bonga Kwana, Msaki, Zolani Mahola and Eryn Allen Kane -- have come together to release a heartfelt new song entitled "UNGAZILIBALI (Don't Forget Yourself)", released today via Platoon. The collaboration comes at a time when healing messages are especially needed in the region.

The song's subject matter offers a hopeful and uplifting message for women by women, with each artist singing a verse to her younger self. During a challenging time for women in South Africa, the collaboration aims to remind women to remember who they are, even at the height of darkness. With lyrics containing a mixture of English and Xhosa (among the most commonly spoken languages in South Africa), the result is beautiful and emotionally resonant. Listen to the song now HERE.

"UNGAZILIBALI (Don't Forget Yourself)" emerged during a creative lab hosted by international creative artist services company Platoon, based in London and Cape Town and currently servicing 50+ artists across Africa. Each of the five artists on the track has been involved with Platoon at varying stages of their careers.

"It's really special because this is something you can only accomplish when there are five women in the room. It's a very unique way to write," said Msaki. Ami Faku added: "This is for my future daughter to tell her that I believe in her and trust her, and that she shouldn't be putting my fears or experiences upon her own life." Zolani Mahola concluded: "This world is deeply in need of our particular energy and our particular voice."

"The magic happens when there is no agenda and you're not trying to force anything... you're just trying to make magic... and I think that is happening. The world should hear it," said Platoon's CEO and Co-Founder Denzyl Feigelson.

Watch a behind-the-scenes clip showcasing the writing session in Cape Town HERE.

"UNGAZILIBALI (Don't Forget Yourself" is available now on all streaming platforms. Listen HERE.

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