Alt-pop teen artist Emmrose delivers gorgeously melodic single "Take Me With You"

Emotive, heartfelt single teases ahead of her debut EP 'Hopeless Romantics'


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NEW YORK CITY | March 9, 2020 – Alt-pop / dark pop teen artist Emmrose delivers her new single "Take Me With You" today.

A hopeful and introspective ballad reflects on the draw of a young relationship. Admitting the depth of her love and embracing her heart's vulnerability, it's an incredibly authentic and relatable reveal. The single comes ahead of her debut EP, Hopeless Romantics, due out on March 20th.

The track spills open with a gorgeous Rhodes piano melody, followed by guitar harmonies and carefully layered vocals building into an intense, emotive track, relaying the surge of love and longing. The Deli Magazine premiered the single, noting how Emmrose "wears her heart on her sleeve, but does so as a hopeful romantic — such lyricism when paired with the track’s mellow keys and slow, oftentimes dramatic build make for a captivating listen, one that splits the difference between such contemporaries as Lana Del Ray and Clairo."

"Someone who I care about a lot went away for the summer, I felt really lonely without him," shared Emmrose.

"The lyrics of the song make me sound almost like a stalker, but I heightened the sound of my emotions in the lyrics."

The song was written quickly, conceived while she was in the studio last summer, as an organic moment of inspiration.

"I was working with my producer and he played a part on a guitar that sounded so pretty. I then hummed a melody and then we started working together on the Rhodes piano. I wrote the lyrics there with him in one session and we pretty much finished the track that day."

The single provides a duality of innocent youth and perceptive, self-reflective truth. The line "flower petals can't tell me, if you'll always be mine" embodies the theme of the song; hoping for love to last forever, but knowing that it may not always be that way, taking a leap of faith regardless. "That is my favorite lyric in the song," said Emmrose. "I have memories of plucking flower petals myself asking if 'he loves me, he loves me not…' " Lyrically she goes on to admit, "Forever means nothing, it’s empty most of the time," but continues to ask her love to take her along, wherever the road and future may lead.

Producer/engineer Michael Abiuso (Behind the Curtains Media) commented further on their collaborative process. "What Emmrose and I have in common is that we are both extremely hard to please, which in my opinion is a great thing. It really challenges us and makes for a really special end result, that in-turn is held very closely to both of us." The single comes ahead of her debut EP Hopeless Romantics, due out later this month on March 20, 2020.

Emmrose will be performing a benefit show on March 15 at The Bitter End in NYC in partnership with The Imogen Foundation. The mission of The Imogen Foundation is to save lives by connecting teenagers to each other and letting them know that they matter. She pairs an exclusive early release of her track "Don't Go", which was written as a response to teen issues, including anxiety, depression and suicide. More details on the foundation and event can be found here: Emmrose celebrates her EP release show on March 29 with a full-band performance at at The Knitting Factory in Brooklyn, NY.

"Take Me With You" is out everywhere today including Spotify, Amazon, and Google Play.


With soaring vocals and intricate melodies, you might be surprised to find that singer-songwriter Emmrose is a sixteen year old living in New York City, attending La Guardia High School as a junior. Blending a wide range of pop, indie rock and alternative influences, her sound defies a singular genre, drawing listeners in with poetic lyrics and interwoven harmonies.

Her debut EP Hopeless Romantics is to be released on March 20th, 2020. The title track was released as a single in late 2019, delivering a “stirring sense of destiny” as MP3 Hugger described, making Emmrose an “illustration of a prodigious talent”. As Come Here Floyd commented, “her bold methods of arrangement is indie, modern, nostalgic, and nuanced” making her “captivatingly bright” and a promise of what’s to come.

Emmrose is a Secret Road artist for sync licensing.

March 9, 2020 10:47am ET by Behind the Curtains Media  

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