Brooklyn alt-rock outfit The Upstart Crows Define Our Collective Frustration with "Stuck"


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NEW YORK CITY | August 28, 2020 – If you’re feeling a little-stir crazy from social distancing and COVID’s collective pause on our lives, Brooklyn outfit The Upstart Crows share a moody, reflective melody titled “Stuck” today. A mellow tune shares our collective pacing between frustration and lethargic apathy, providing a spark of empathetic unity and release.

Vocalist Jonathan Adams first began the track as a reflection to his own frustration while working a dead-end day job, and desire to spend more time on his music, attempted to advance in the competitive local scene. When NYC fully locked down due to coronavirus earlier this year, it provided the opportunity to finish the track – quickly reflecting on the newfound reality, as normal life was put on hold. “I wrote the chorus guitar riff and it was sitting on for a very long time. When lockdown happened in NYC I had all this free time on my hands, and decided I should go back and try and flesh out that idea,” he shared. “I honestly have a lot of trouble with forming the basic structure of the song and writing the lyrics. Since I can literally do anything, I usually get stuck. Same with lyrics except you had the added benefit of not sounding like an idiot, which I tried to let myself go a little bit with the lyrics so I would actually finish the damn song.” Self-recorded, “Stuck” built itself into a mellow yet upbeat melody, while the lyrics reflect on a turmoil of emotions.

Adams turned to his cousin Adam Soltis to pull together a DIY music video, shot in his own apartment. Simplistic yet well-shot, it provides a window into our collective situation, further bringing the lyrics to life. “Happy concepts are foreign to me,” laughed Adams. “It’d be fake to write happy lyrics, I need them to reflect my feelings and life in order to be authentic and real.”

The Upstart Crows pull from a range of influences, delivering haunting and mellow singer-songwriter tunes like “Stuck”, to captivating and rowdy full-band performances. Combining alternative rock, folk and Americana styles, often with a twinge of punk and rockabilly influences, they keep listeners on their toes with heartfelt, deeply honest performances.

“Stuck” is out everywhere today including Bandcamp, Spotify, and Apple Music. Proceeds will be split as donations to Musicares and Black Table Arts.


The Upstart Crows is an alternative rock act from Brooklyn that plays in and around NYC as both a haunting solo acoustic act or a loud bombastic rock band. With their combination of folk, punk and Americana style; it promises that whatever crow show you go to you are gonna have a good time.

August 31, 2020 7:45pm ET by Behind the Curtains Media  

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