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“Rather infectious ska-infused midsummer rap anthem […] Cameron is proof that there is still much diversity in the UK rap scene” Flavour Mag

New. Favourite. Video. Never before have so many onesies been in one place at one time. Meet Cameron Whiley and his insanely infectious new song Reh Reh Reh.” Bliss

Pops cheekiest new star Teen NOW

Fit as… and full of swagger Star Magazine


Introducing new kid on the block - singer and rapper Cameron Whiley.  At only 19 years old Cameron has been writing songs since he was 12 and new single ‘Reh Reh Reh’ will be his first commercial release via Mission Recordings in June 2013.  Ahead of this single release, Cameron is offering fans a free download of his track ‘Camera’ via the ‘Pay with a Tweet’ app. This free download will be available until 30th June and you can listen to the track before you download it here:

‘Camera’ is a social comment on how some celebrities and musicians have used the press and paparazzi to get big, but once they’ve made it they don’t want anything to do with them.

Cameron Whiley, originally from Nottingham, has been causing a stir in 2013 with key youth, pop and celebrity press covering him such as Flavour MagStar MagazineBliss MagazineYahoo omg!DropOut UK and Teen NOW. The video for his new single 'Reh Reh Reh', which features fancy  dress clad dancers (from The BRIT School no less), coo-ing grannies and a cameo from Eastenders' very own Nasty Nick has already received over 150k views on YouTubeWatch it here:

‘Reh Reh Reh’ will be available on iTunes from 16th June and all other retailers from 30th June. Pre-order the single on iTunes here -


For more information on UK Hip Hop artist Cameron Whiley please visit:

Watch Cameron Whiley's video for 'Reh Reh Reh' below:

June 14, 2013 5:10am ET by Be Sharp PR  

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