Big Time Rush Lead Singer Kendall Schmidt Announces . . .

Heffron Drive and a Major Non-Profit Initiative

Kendall Schmidt is the lead singer of Big Time Rush, America’s best known boy band and star of Nickelodeon’s hit television series of the same name. This summer sees him promote his cherished side project Heffron Drive.  Named after the street on which Kendall lived after moving to L.A. from Kansas, Heffron Drive provides an alternative outlet for Kendall’s creativity, in a venture that began before finding fame with Big Time Rush.

The success of Big Time Rush cannot be denied, with a viewership of a whopping 6.8 million and subsequent record sales of over 3.8 million to date. However, Heffron Drive couldn’t be further apart in musical style from the famed teen pop music Kendall is most well known for. The two piece band make music closer in sound to Plain White T’s and Yellowcard, with heartfelt lyrics and haunting acoustic melodies.

Preparing to take a step back from his Big Time Rush music, Kendall will visit Germany this month as part of Heffron Drive, the two piece band that ignited his passion for music. Along with fellow guitarist Dustin Belt, the two will tour the country promoting their musical venture to fans who are eagerly awaiting the announcement of new Heffron Drive material.

Though music is his passion, Kendall is a gifted actor as well, with credits including Big Time Movie and Figure It Out, which drew 13 million viewers and television appearances on shows varying from CSI: Miami and Without a Trace to Ghost Whisperer to Frasier.  Also in production is The Great Migration, an animated movie starring the voices of Kendall, Ashley Tisdale, Vanessa Hudgens, and Ashley Benson.

Taking advantage of his fortunate position, Kendall has established a charity to give back and utilise his platform in a positive way. In 2013, Kendall helped to found the Conscious Human Initiative, “CHI” for short.  The charitable, non-profit venture’s mission is to develop, advance and raise awareness of sustainable cutting-edge food production, distribution and product development that addresses global malnutrition.  With major individual, corporate, and government interests taking notice, CHI is poised to make its mark on the world; much like the founder, Kendall Schmidt.


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