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Indie/Electro foursome Kites release their debut single on 28th November


Title ‘Brother’

Artist - Kites

Release date – 28 November

Writer - Matthew Phillips

Producer - Richard Baldwin

Bonus Track – ‘Art Tastes Better Blind’

(available now and with the release of Brother)



Kites is a band composed of two classically-trained musicians (Jack & Jasper), a scholar of electronics (Richard), and a foppish pop-poet with a penchant for silk (Matthew), who are releasing their single ‘Brother’ in November this year.

In a recent interview, the Kites’ front man Matthew, who brings an air of Wildean decadence to the band, described their sound as: “Melodramatic provocation for discontented dreamers”.


Kites began writing tightly constructed tracks in 2010 that successfully blended synthetic textures with more organic instrumentation, creating a sound that was bold, affecting and ultimately irresistible. Their intensely physical and energetic stage shows have won them fans internationally and garnered comparisons to New Order, Patrick Wolf and Talking Heads from the mainstream music press.


Lead singer Matthew believes the band has many influences, but perhaps one of the most prominent influences stems right from his childhood:


My household was populated with black and white photographs of Jim Morrison in the crucifix pose.  Even as a toddler, I was seduced by his baritone timbre and assertive swagger.  I’m not sure why my parents thought it suitable to expose me to a renowned alcoholic with a well-publicised Oedipus complex, but I certainly found him influential.”

As well as having their own unique and captivating sound of electronic beddings with smatterings of guitar, Kites also have a strong sense of style. Even though Matthew is but a mere impoverished musician, he still manages to swagger around with panache in handouts, vintage outlets and sales racks. After all, as Matthew suggests: “Life is a stage and we are flowers to be looked at”. With his style icons including Sebastian Horsley, Sebastian Tellier and Anthony Andrews’ character Sebastian Flyte…  Essentially, anyone called Sebastian or anyone who looks good with a cane and a teddy bear… Matthew has all the makings of a true fashion and music pioneer and a 21st century Dandy.


The single ‘Brother’ is Kites’ first official single release. The track is a melancholy story of two brothers, whose fates are interwoven throughout the song in a tapestry of fear and hope. One brother is at the end of his journey; the other is only just embarking. Kites will also release the energetic ‘Art Tastes Better Blind’ as the B side to this single and will be touring relentlessly throughout the rest of the year. Gig listings below with more to follow.


Friday 2nd December Silver Bullet, London



What the critics have to say:


"Factory-indebted decadent disco." The Evening Standard


"Intensely physical and energetic live performances coupled with tightly constructed tracks have won the band an adoring fan base, a wave of industry attention... hailed as the hottest unsigned band in the UK.” Music Week


"I'm tipping Kites - think The Fall and New Order but a lot younger. I caught them the other night and they rocked. They're on tour at the moment so catch them if you can!"  The Sunday Mirror


"...ambition fuelled pop full of drama and excitement.... and dazzling beauty" Breaking Waves


"Kites are fast evolving into a band comprising all your favourite new wave/electro sounds in one... Wolfesque vocals... restrained synths and samples and the actual craft of songwriting and let’s not forget this, they look great."

Gill Mills (Best of Myspace)


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For more information, please contact:

Katie French – / 0207 936 3722

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