The Explorer's Collective featuring Dray

JLS prodigy releases 'Glass Ceilings' out 1st October  

HardcorePop! From South East London 

funk rock at its best!” 

Explorer’s Collective combine with up and coming UK rapper Dray  (having worked with the likes of Peter Andre, Labrinth, Ironik,  Starboy Nathan and co-managed by JB of JLS) for this genre-stretching slices of Hard-hitting pop. 

Dray’s perfectly crisp and deceptively benign flow contrasts with, yet wraps nicely around the Totalitarian chorus chant of “Work till you’re 85, shop till you drop dead”, capturing the essence of the credit-crunched UK Summer of austerity. Having been aptly likened to “Jay-Z meets Mumford and Sons”, ‘Glass Ceilings’ is as lyrically poignant as it is playful. 

The brilliant animated video comes courtesy of the award winning Total Thrive Productions, and offers a well -executed visual narration of Glass Ceiling’s anthemic lyrics, with a wryly humorous twist. 

Based in the musical hinterlands of South East London, The Explorer’s Collective grew out of the song writing partnership of long time friends Mark Cartmell and Frazer W. Davidson. After a decade spent behind desks, and in front of microphones, Mark and Frazer began searching for a way to express their creative spirit, and started writing songs together.

As a way of getting their songs heard, and in an attempt to break into the music business, they hit upon the idea of The Explorer’s Collective. ‘Explorer’ after Mark’s fortune was told by a Moroccan fakir in Fez, who claimed exploring music, was his future path to happiness, and ‘Collective’ because it brings to mind limitless artistic possibilities. Enrolling the help of good friend, and multi instrumentalist, Pablo Paganotto, The Explorer’s Collective was born in late 2009 with three permanent members, and a mission to collaborate with the most interesting, and talented artists they could find. This, their debut single ‘Glass Ceilings’, featuring Dray marks the start of numerous collaborative tracks to come, each infused with the consideration, musicality and experimentation that make The Explorer’s Collective a pop force to be reckoned with.


Glass Ceilings to be released in the UK on: 1st October 2012






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