Bazrah "Scandalous"

Bazrah's second WOŁNO release



Bazrah returns for his follow up on WOŁNO. This track ep see’s him doubling down on his hybrid dancehall/techno sound. “Scandalous'” percussive driven beats and glitchy rhythms set the pace for a scuzzy and tense bassline to push things along.

“Spring” has a more chilled vibe, floating pads sit comfortably alongside reggae inspired stabs as the drums and sub bass allow you to melt into the flow before the switch up arrives bringing an insistent and nasty bassline.

“Doh Doh Doh” stripped down aesthetic merges minimal percussion with a classic digital dancehall bassline. Constant development in the riddim ensures this track will keep you on your toes.


WOŁNO (pron "Volno") is a play on the polish word for slow/slowly. This is the starting point for this label slowing things down and allowing the music some time to breath. There is no restriction on the style of music, anything goes just keep it slow...

Bazrah's debut for WOŁNO was select as part of "the best electronic music on bandcamp" for August 2020. "Numbers" ep also made it on to several end of year lists. This ep show's he is not resting on his laurels and he is looking to push he sound forward.

Source Blamhaus

March 5, 2021 3:00am ET by Blamhaus  

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