RAIANE. and BACHTROY Team Up On Romantic, Celebratory New Single “Falling Too”, Out June 1st


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Quite a fitting day to release “Falling Too” as RAIANE. herself describes the track as “a celebration of winning in all areas of life” citing a healthy and healed partnership as the source of this - “the song describes the feeling of being on top of the world, with your person and also because of them”. The lyrics were also co-written by RAIANE.’s partner Peter Schmidt, making the song a dreamy and intimate reflection of their relationship, paired perfectly against an infectious electronica-house beat.

Having only been in the music industry for a mere two years, RAIANE. has already made huge waves throughout the NYC scene, playing at various venues including a sold-out show at buzzing new venue Sanctuary, as well on the online scene, charting an impressive 70k streams on anthemic track “scared”.

RAIANE. initially found her love of performing through the art of Theatre when she was a young girl in Rio de Janeiro. She realised how powerful an outlet performing was as a means of self-expression, especially in such a patriarchal and gender-conforming culture. It was songwriting, however, that eventually satiated her need for connection, her desire to “be deeply seen and heard”.

This organic growth and introspection from RAIANE. makes her the perfect collaborator for the esteemed BACHTROY. With a staggering 14 years of music production experience behind him, the Brooklyn-based Producer-DJ has worked with household names such as Kanye West, Jennifer Lopez, and Mac Miller. Now, he experiments with the intersectionality of House music, progressive house, techno and deep house.

Much like RAIANE., BACHTROY has captivated many crowds, performed in various venues, and has really taken the time to hone his signature style - predominantly Afrohouse and melodic techno.

This coupling on “Falling Too” completely captures the pure excitement and respect both musicians have for their craft, and shows how they’re both entirely committed to curating their artistic growth.

“Falling Too” almost seems like it was meant to happen, as the parallels occurring within their pairs’ lives seem almost fated - from their shared dedication to their work to harnessing both their personal romances and professional relationships. BACHTROY shines through, with the track being described as “A hypnotic dance anthem” whereas RAIANE.’s emotive expressions grounds the track with sentimentality, making the track “the summer tune that will make you fall in love with love".

“Falling Too” - Out Now

June 6, 2023 7:42am ET by Blinding Talent  

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