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Boy George: 'Harry Styles clearly wants to be Mick Jagger'

Boy George reckons Harry Styles wants to emulate Mick Jagger.

The One Direction man is often likened to the Rolling Stones veteran through his looks.

However, Culture Club man George reckons the link goes deeper, with Styles wanting to be the next Jagger.

He told The Sun: "I love the Seventies, with Bowie and Mick Jagger and Marc Bolan, who were all gloriously ambiguous about their sexuality. You heard stuff but you never knew if it was true.

"What's wonderfully ironic now is that Harry Styles, bless him, clearly wants to be Jagger. Maybe he is sexually ambiguous. He may be."

The singer meanwhile added that he is looking to relocate to the US from Britain: "What I want to do I just don't feel I can do here.

"I need to move to America. I haven't been played on the radio here for over 20 years. All of my heroes - Bowie, Rod Stewart - left.

"To be honest, my departure has been long overdue. I tend to stick in situations that aren't necessarily good for me. But this time I'm going to sell my house and purchase somewhere there."

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