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Boy George on Culture Club's break: 'It felt like it took so long'

Boy George - real name George O'Dowd - who is currently a judge on The Voice UK, has been reminiscing about the rise and potential early fall of his own fame, with 80s band Culture Club.

Like most successful bands and musicians, O'Dowd reveals that fame took a while to accomplish.

He explains that the band got their first slot on Top of the Pops for their single, 'Do You Really Want to Hurt Me?', after Elton John pulled out leaving a slot to fill.

Boy George said: “I feel like we would have got there eventually but it was just one of those lucky things. We were about 60 in the charts, slowly climbing up. After Top of the Pops we went into the top 40 and then it took a while."

Culture Club then appeared on Noel Edmonds' The Late, Late Breakfast Show.

He admitted: "It didn’t happen overnight. We went on a few TV shows. I remember there was this appearance on a Noel Edmonds’ show.

“We had a conversation about what I was wearing. And literally the next week we were No.1.”

The Voice judge admitted the band almost gave up before their big break.

He said: “It felt like it took so long. The lead up to it just felt like it went on and on. I was the one in the band who was always leaving, thinking, ‘It’s just not happening’.

“Luckily there were people around me at the time who were like, ‘It’s all going to be fine, calm down’.”

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Watch Culture Club's first appearance on TOTP, a 1986 Late Late Breakfast Show interview, and the band performing, below:


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