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Boy George's post prison pasty

Boy George talks candidly in today's Observer about life behind bars, drugs and his raw food conversion.

The Cuture Club frontman said: "I remember when I got out (of prison), being in a petrol station and having money in my pocket. It's so alien. You've been away for so long and then suddenly you're out and can do normal things. The first thing I bought was a Ginsters cheese and onion pasty. I remember joking and saying: 'This tastes of freedom'."

Pasties are now passe, as the singer is a raw foodie.

George said: I'm very healthy; I eat well, I'm completely raw now. Have you ever heard of chia? I think it's Peruvian. It's a bit like semolina, you have it for breakfast. Yesterday I made a raw lemon cheesecake… not everything I make goes down well in this house."

When he's not preparing raw food, the talented songwriter still goes out but not as much as before:

"I go to lots of gigs and movies, but I'm not driven by that need to go out just for the sake of it. I'd much rather stay in and watch 'My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding'."

Boy George's album 'Ordinary Alien' is out now on Decode Records.

Watch Boy George being interviewed earlier this year in January on the UK TV show, 'This Morning', here: