Fergal Edward is no stranger to the music industry. Since his 2017 solo debut, the indie-folk singer-songwriter has captured the hearts and ears of thousands with blissed-out singles that melt all your worries away. Now, he makes his return with the beautiful ‘The Light of Everything’ EP. The EP makes you stop and take a moment to think about your life, asking yourself, what does your life mean? What do you want to have done by the time it ends?

His songs feature minimal production, allowing the songs to breathe in their purest form, reminiscent of Elliot Smith and Damien Rice. 'The Light of Everything' was written in fragments over 14 years and was recorded during the COVID-19 pandemic, a time of great tragedy, and when introverts everywhere reacted by answering the calls of their creative projects, as the demands of the usual daily life fell to the wayside.
Speaking more on this, Fergal explained: “This EP was written over the course of 14 years. These were the fragments of songs that would never leave me alone. When Ireland went into lockdown for COVID-19, these songs seemed to call out to me to be finished and recorded. Armed with a single microphone and a 10-year-old MacBook Pro, I spent hours each day writing,
recording and learning music production. After 6 weeks, I had created an entire album. When the world went into panic, I got lost in my creative world. We each survive these times in different ways.”

His songs speak of heartbreak, lost youth, and the meaning of our lives. His melodies seek to articulate these feelings in all of us. Accompanying the EP’s release is the music video for the breath-taking lead single ‘Californian Sun’.

‘The Light of Everything’ is set to drop June 19th on all digital streaming platforms.

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June 19, 2020 5:52am ET by Burstimo  

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