New Hey Duggee episodes pays homage to Glastonbury festival and the summer solstice



London, 20th June 2024 - BBC Studios Kids & Family is excited to announce the debut of a brand new Hey Duggee episode ‘The Carrot Badge’, set to premiere on CBeebies on 28th June. The new Series 5 episode kicks off the summer music festival season for little ones and their parents as well as marking the summer solstice.

Hey Duggee brings seasonal fun to screens with its homage not only to the summer solstice, but also to UK festivals, airing just in time for world famous Glastonbury in June. The episode features the Rabbits busy preparing for the Carrot Solstice, the day when the sun is at its highest and they gather round Carrot Henge to celebrate the glory of this humble vegetable. Trouble is, the Rabbits need to go and get ready for the festivities – but who will look after the carrots? The Squirrels volunteer, and off the Rabbits go. Then, disaster strikes. Worm pops up and eats part of Carrot Henge. Will Duggee fix the Henge in time, or will Carrot Solstice be ruined?

Liz Randall, Hey Duggee Executive Producer at BBC Studios, says: “We are very proud and thrilled to present this very special new episode of Hey Duggee just after the Summer Solstice and alongside Glastonbury Festival. This is such a fun way for parents to introduce these events to their children and for fans to celebrate the summer with Duggee and the Squirrels!”

‘The Carrot Badge’ is the first of 20 brand new episodes from the 5th Series of this much-loved show, produced by Studio AKA with BBC Studios Kids & Family and CBeebies, timed to coincide with the festival season. Further Series 5 episodes will premiere on CBeebies and BBC iPlayer later this year.

Created by Grant Orchard, Hey Duggee is packed full of fun adventures, imagination, gentle humour and learning through doing. The series is narrated by comedian and presenter, Alexander Armstrong, and the episode also features voices performed by Sander Jones, Lucy Montgomery and Adam Longworth.

Since launching in 2014, Hey Duggee has become a seven-time BAFTA and international Emmy award-winning hit. Since its debut, the series has been streamed 1.36 billion times on BBC iPlayer and has garnered over 3 billion lifetime views on its official YouTube channel.


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