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Camila Cabello on her Never Be The Same Tour

Updated June 6, 2018: The cuban-born star has just announced tonight on Instagram that she is also set to play three shows in Mexico in September.

Camila Cabello has released a Never Be The Same Tour video diary via YouTube. Her tour has finished its time in North America and is now heading to Europe. 

During the video, the star says:"This tour has been just insane. It's just been such an emotional, visceral experience.

"At the beginning of this year I had one goal which was to create what I thought was an amazing live experience for my fans and so I spent so long, like I spent such a long time just closing my eyes imagining the show from the minute my opener walked offstage to the minute my dancers and my band left the stage and I would picture the crowd waiting and excited and I had this idea of it being like a lucid dream sequence and I pictured my eyes coming up on the screen and then opening them, and you know, the audience screaming, and that's what I would do.

"I would just close my eyes and imagine the show from top to bottom, being able to see it all come to life during the rehearsals and then, you know, the first night of the show seeing my fans' reaction to all of those little moments was amazing."

The singer has been in the UK since last weekend, where she performed at The Biggest Weekend in Swansea, during which her Brazilian fans got #Swansea trending on Twitter. The Never Be The Same Tour re-starts tonight on June 5 in Glasgow, Scotland and then hits London's Wembley Stadium at the end of this month on June 23.


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