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Carly Rae Jepsen suggests that new music is coming 'soon'

Songstress Carly Rae Jepsen has revealed that she is "hungry" to release new material. 

When asked by The Canadian Press when fans can expect her next record, the 'Call Me Maybe' sensation explained that she isn't rushing anything but is happily working on new music:

"It's no pressure I don't feel myself, but happy (to have it). (Touring is) a really great time on the road because you're in the back of the bus with a guitar. I do find (it's) a really perfect time (to write) because of the fact there is no immediate deadlines for an album. You don't have to put anything out until you want to... but I am hungry to put something out soon because the ideas are flowing."

Jepsen, meanwhile, added that she has been enjoying some downtime and opened up about what she has been doing:

"I'm watching Downton Abbey. I'm late in life and catching up on that. I'm also (a fan of) Pride and Prejudice. Any sort of period-piece romance. I'm surrounded by boys right now so my way of getting out of all the 'band talk' is to go to Downton Abbey and feel like I can wear pearls for a minute."

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Watch her music video for 'Run Away With Me' below:


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