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Carrie Underwood on social media: 'It has become so easy to be a jerk'

Country sensation Carrie Underwood has revealed that she won't search her own name online because negative comments can really affect her. 

Speaking to ES magazine, the beauty admitted that she struggles with criticism and mean words from strangers so just steers clear of Googling herself altogether:

"I don't Google myself any more. Some people can be so negative. You will have 99 per cent of people being complimentary, but then you just get one meanie and it can ruin your day. It's just so easy to be a jerk today. With social media, people can do it anonymously. They have to be overly critical. I'm just trying to do what I do and do it with integrity."

The 'Two Black Cadillacs' beauty went onto add that she wants to work on raising her profile in the UK because there's a gap in the country's music market for her genre: "I feel like there is a want for country music here. There have been a lot of artists who have made the effort to come over and play, and I definitely look out in the audience and see a room full of people who know all my stuff."

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