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Casanova Records Release Week 33 With New Playlist. See the tracks that earned the most streams within the label catalog between Aug 06th - Aug 12th, which you can now listen to on Spotify, Pandora, Apple Music, Amazon Music, Deezer, Tidal and YouTube.

The track list includes a mixture of songs:

  1. Positive Vibes by Produca P
  2. Til We Die by BTNZ
  3. Do It Then by Alabama Nick
  4. Come and Take Me (Dj Roody Remix) by Denora
  5. Come and Take Me (Thebluemonkey Remix) by Denora
  6. Go Hard by BTNZ
  7. Come Closer (Veiga Remix) by Fly Wizzy
  8. Crystal Lake by Relaxing State
  9. Drowning by Chefboy Tyree Qahoobenesoof by BTNZ
  10. Low Life (feat. Alabama Nick) by BTNZ
  11. Lemonade by Young Shadez
  12. Come Closer by Fly Wizzy
  13. Rake by Chefboy Tyree
  14. Come and Take Me by Denora
  15. Floating by Tule
  16. Dummyeh by BTNZ
  17. Qahoobenesoof by BTNZ
  18. Why You Tryna by BTNZ
  19. Fate by Chefboy Tyree
  20. Get to the Bag by Luwi Prvo


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August 16, 2021 3:55pm ET by Casanova Records  

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