NY Weekly Top 20 Artist To Release Upcoming Album “Red Mud Baby”

Alabama Nick - Red Mud Baby (Album)


Casanova Records

Monumental artist, rapper, song writer and influencer, Alabama Nick to release new album “Red Mud Baby” on Casanova Records November 12th, 2021.

RED MUD BABY is Alabama Nick’s second release, coming behind the mixtape WE THE SOUTH in 2020. Features and production include Chefboy Tyree and BTNZ. The full-length album offers head pounding beats, mastered with flawless and complex lyrical flows.

The album is centered on a foundation of creativity, variety, and artistry to raise some eyebrows to finally put Alabama lyricists on the map. The opening track “Go In” sets the tone and energy to give listeners a gateway into what's coming next. Tracks such as “Birmingham to Atlanta” and “Vicious Cycle” tell a story that paints a picturesque view of something more than meaningless lyrics and adlibs laced over trap beats, that heavily saturate the industry today.

RED MUD BABY is sure to be a classic Hip-Hop album and one to remember for generations to come. There are no filler tracks and is meant to be played through from beginning to end.

Track List:
1. Go in (Fxck Nxggas) 02:33
2. Tell 'Em Your Name (Skit) 00:40
3. Say My Name 02:37
4. J's 02:36
5. 82 Birds 02:15
6. Back End 02:39
7. Vamp Shit 01:59
8. WMD 02:02
9. Woop 03:10
10. BTMG (Flip It II) 03:06
11. Lately 02:16
12. Birmingham to Atlanta 03:18
13. Vicious Cycle 03:28
14. Run It Up feat. BTNZ & Chefboy Tyree (Bonus Track) 02:18
2021 BTM Entertainment, under exclusive license to Casanova Records ®.

RED MUD BABY will be released on all major streaming platforms on November 12th, 2021. Pre-Order & Pre-Save at https://orcd.co/redmudbaby

To learn more about this project and release, contact Ed Afonso from Casanova Records or the Sales Team at The Orchard.


Alabama Nick is an Armed Forces Veteran and Southern “Trap” artist. He says he’s been rapping all of his life, but launched his rap career in 2019. Managed by Miramar Talent Agency, he transitioned from an acting career in Los Angeles, back to his roots in Alabama to pursue music full time in early 2020. While there, he teamed up with Casanova Records which has distribution and publishing through The Orchard Music.

He is making noise down south and drops new music on a consistent basis. This Country Boy with an attitude wants Alabama to be respected as a powerhouse in the rap game. He’s dropping his sophomore studio album “Red Mud Baby” on November 12th 2021 with hopes of an instant classic. Stay tuned!

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October 22, 2021 1:00am ET by Casanova Records  

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