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March 07, 2022 (Pittsburgh, PA) - Casanova Records gets with Mike Hitt, an ASCAP Songwriter, MCM studio producer, about his upcoming single NIGHT RIDER.

Picture this.

It’s midnight.

The sky is clear and it’s a cool 72 degrees out.

Your car's sunroof is open, your windows are cracked and the LEDs in your car have a low glow alongside your in-dash touch screen.

You have a lot on your mind.

There’s problems in your life you can’t seem to resolve and you need this starry meditative ride to organize the possible solutions in your mind and to clear your hectic energy.

you are a…


A Music Producer from Pittsburgh PA, Mike Hitt wanted to create a laid back audio atmosphere that transports you to that feeling and sensation. Night Rider is about not giving up more than just driving a car.

As the chorus hauntingly harmonizes, “Night Rider, Night Rider, going through the dark inside ya”. It’s not about going around the darkness, but going through and overcoming. Growing up in Pittsburgh, Mike Hitt had some overcoming to do himself.

Coming from a poor background, his family would move him from neighborhood to neighborhood due to financial strain.

An empty cabinets and a big dream story.

“As a kid, the constant uncertainty created a resilience inside me for when I eventually entered into an industry where uncertainty is its middle name,” recalls Mike Hitt. “Growing up in the 412 (area code for Pittsburgh), although amazing, there wasn’t much opportunity, so you kind of had to make do with what you could and find a way”

Rather than being influenced by a specific genre or artist, Mike Hitt finds his inspiration through the world outside his front door.

“By default, I have a wide variety of life experiences, so I’m able to relate to a lot of people, emotions and situations”

Mike Hitt is no stranger to diversity.

At birth, Mike Hitt was placed in a half white half Mexican household through placement for displaced children. Once reunited with his biological family, he entered into a half black half white household. This gave him an understanding perspective advantage in life and made him see the world through a wide angle view.

Musically this also opened him up. From soul to country. Mariachi to pop. Comedy albums to rock, this early exposure to such a wide variety of experiences, people and cultures is partly to blame for his open ended musical themes and interests.

“I understand lots of points of view, especially in this conflicted post covid world where half of the globe wants you to do one thing and half wants to make their own decision. Like, I get everyone's points of views and concerns and so that always has left me in the middle and not on ONE particular side on many issues, even pre-covid. Everyone has a decision that works for them and sometimes that decision might not work for someone else”

This democratic mindset transcends into his music, where Mike Hitt likes to make the messages within his self produced audioscapes have a general theme for many peoples lives.

“We’ve all taken night rides or used the night air to clear our minds or to feel at peace, so with this song I wanted to take you there even if you don’t have transportation at the moment. Even on foot at night, you’re a night rider, cause it’s about the internal conflict, not the actual physical act”

NIGHT RIDER is Mike Hitt’s fourth single and follow up to his successful December 2021 release “Think and Grow Rich”.

With every release, Mike Hitt’s aim is to inspire listeners and take them through different stories and journeys of life.

Most of his music has a motivational speaker undertone. Where so much of today's music is about how much more someone has than you, Mike Hitt’s music encourages you to get all you’ve ever wanted, to work through your problems and to assure you, you aren’t alone.

“I think my focus is being a big brother in people's lives, but musically. I want to be a role model but not one of perfection and instead one about progress, especially with a back story like mine. There’s a lot of kids out there starting their life just like I did, feeling like they’ll never get to live life to the fullest so I’d like to be able to be someone they can say, Hey he did it, might of took him a long time, but he did and I can do it too and not just kids, but all people who are experiencing hardships and hurdles”

2022 and beyond, Mike Hitt is looking to release more music then he ever has as a solo producer/artist.

Mike Hitt closes with,

“Most of my personal music endeavors took a back seat to helping artists develop plus I experienced a deeper understanding of sound and creative phycology the last 12 years focusing on recording, production and coaching at MCM Studios. Many artists find solace in coming to me and getting the perspective and help they need but once an artist always an artist as the saying goes, so that fire to step back in the booth myself is raging more and more. I had to release music to feed the flames and I hope listeners gather around for the tales and apply the lessons to their own struggles in order to feel comfort and to overcome, plus of course just, enjoy the sound lol”

Night Rider is going to be streaming on all major platforms.



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March 7, 2022 12:00am ET by Casanova Records  

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