AUTRE NE VEUT Premiers Official Video for 'Counting' Featuring Mykki Blanco

Official Video For 'Counting' Featuring Mykki Blanco 
New Album 'Anxiety' out 25th February 2013 via Software Recording Co.

The official video for 'Counting' features a slightly different version of Autre Ne Veut's futuristic r&b-infused pop jam 'Counting with Mykki Blanco, a treatment which comes with a video telling the story behind the song. Both ANV and Mykki Blanco nurse a dying grandmother in the video, a beautiful piece directed by David Riley. 

Riley comments warmly on the project: 

"When I first heard "Counting", I thought it was a love song. In a way, it is. The song contemplates the loss and death of a family member. We set the video almost entirely in a hospital room, which is unfortunately where the majority of people in this country spend their final moments. A dying figure lies motionless in a hospital bed, her face obscured with an oxygen mask. Arthur and Mykki become nurses, silently attending to their duties. The video focuses on the routine details of the hospital room: the bed, its occupant, fluid dripping through the IV, the EKG, a half-deflated balloon. These mundane objects take on a life of their own. The strobing lights suggest a dance, but also flashbacks. For me the “Counting” video is about memory; how when you want to hold on to a person, you try to remember every detail about them, no matter how insignificant."

‘Anxiety’ is the full-length follow up to Autre Ne Veut’s 2010 self-titled debut, which was for many the definitive post-millennial Failure Pop statement outside of time and style. Autre Ne Veut rivalled other lovelorn "missteps" such as Marvin Gaye’s ‘Here My Dear’ and Big Star’s ‘Sister Lover’s. If you didn't hear the connection, you weren't listening closely enough. 

‘Anxiety’ is available via the Software Recording Co. February 25th, 2013 in limited vinyl edition as well as CD and digital release.

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