All 4 Originals: October Highlights

This month, All 4 showcases a variety of funny, informative and chilling series, all available to download and stream exclusively on All 4.

Follow Lewis Hancock on his journey to dealing with coming out as a trans person to his loved ones and peers in A Trans Guide to Winning at Life, while Fletcher Cowans takes us through the steps of How To Be A Socialite. Fright Bites offers some spine-chilling tales, but if love’s more your thing, join the couples taking the big step of a first holiday together in First Breaks: Couples Abroad. And Unlikely Bikers meets some surprising characters hiding beneath helmets and motorcycle leather. All available to enjoy exclusively on All 4.


A Trans Guide to Winning at Life (14th October)

Join Lewis as he navigates the difficult and unique journey of coming out to his loved ones as transgender.

Over the course of these six uplifting shorts, Lewis takes us back in time to tell his story, from coming out to his mum and trying to fit in at school to his life now with girlfriend Sophie.

Coming Out To Mum – Lewis looks back at coming to terms with being Transgender and breaking the news to his mum.

Love Ya Selfie – We’re put through the paces of Lewis’s school experience and how it compares to life now.

How To Polish A Turd – Lewis gives us the rundown of his hatred for being dressed as a girl.

The Bad Dad Club – This short explains the turbulent relationship between Lewis and his dad.

Fitness Freak Fail – A look at Lewis’s body issues as a transgender teen.

Getting The Girl – Lewis tells us how he eventually found love with Sophie.




How To Be A Socialite (10th October)

Living the high life as a socialite may look easy, but staying at the top of the social ladder is a tougher job than it seems.

Man-in-the-know Fletcher Cowan takes us on a tour of high society. Through a series of six sophisticated shorts, we master the art of running with the ‘it-crowd’ and truly becoming a socialite.

Work – Bip Ling takes us through a working day, showing us how the socialite life is not all champagne and caviar.

Parties – Henry Conway’s party etiquette tips are a must-listen before one can even think about having it proper large.

Fashion – Fashionista and Soho original Philip Sallon imparts his must-have style advice for all budding socialites.

Love – Find out all you need to know about not only finding love, but dating your way up the ladder.

Health – From vitamin drips to Voga, it is vital to look after yourself if you want to hit the socialite scene hard.

Polo – With the country set a whole new level of posh, we find out exactly how to up our game to join in.


Fright Bites (22nd October)

Just in time for Halloween, these six sinister shorts will chill you to your core. Follow a succession of eerie encounters with characters, including an ominous old lady and a creepy circus act that will make you squeal. Watch if you dare!

Shortcut – A bad boyfriend takes a short cut and risks losing more than just his way

Tickle Monster – When late night bants turn to terror

Squeal – A pair of circus misfits claim meaty revenge on a school bully

Night Cap – Nightmares lurk outside a child’s imagination

Wake – A grieving man gets more than he bargains for when he visits a former lover’s open coffin

Old Gal – When Jane thinks the woman outside her house is crazy, she has no idea how right she is.


First Breaks: Couples Abroad (Live Now)

A first holiday together as a couple can be a big step. In these shorts we meet four couples who are putting this to the test by going abroad together for the first time.

Karen and Andrew – Adventure seeking Adam tries to compromise on his break with sun worshipper Karen.

Ben and Simone – Can sunny Corfu fix Ben’s technology problem and focus more on Simone?

Vish and Saira – Saira hopes self-confessed workaholic Vish will learn to spend more time together.

Ben and Caroline – In love after three months, this holiday puts their true love to the test.


Unlikely Bikers (3rd October)

These six shorts will invite you into the world of the motorcycle experience and meet the individuals for whom riding has become a symbol of freedom and power. To them, it’s more than a mode of transport; motorcycling is a form of expression and a lifestyle choice that brings together people from different walks of life. Unlikely Bikers introduces us to those who live for beautiful machinery, helmets and leathers, and thrive on the addictive thrill that each ride provides – including the likes of Claire, a paralysed ex horse-rider, and Ray, the revving reverend – we show you how being part of a culture has benefited them.

The Reverend – Ray Biddis has found a very unique way to combine the two passions in his life.

The Glamour Model – Candice loves nothing more than squeezing into her leathers and enjoying a thrill ride.

The Crusader – Leo Chester uses his bike to bring balance to his life while spreading the word.

The Bionic Woman – Claire Lomas has swapped one horse power for another after a life-changing accident.

The Legal Eagle – Andrew Dalton prefers to swap his courtroom wig for his crash helmet whenever he can.

The Suit – Joyan may work as a smartly dressed business woman but is really a sexy leather clad biker.

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