Tern to celebrate Home Front Heroes

Channel 4 has commissioned Tern to make a one off documentary about the vital contribution of Britain’s Home Front Heroes

Presented by Ian Lavender, a national treasure best loved for his portrayal of Pike in Dad’s Army, Home Front Heroes with Ian Lavender will examine the most famous part of the domestic effort during the second World War.

The Home Front was vital to the war effort. The war was won not just in the air or on the battlefields but in unexpected places right across the length and breadth of Britain, from hospitals to searchlight factories, allotments to radar stations, medal manufacturers to boot makers. Everyone played their part, including the Home Guard and 40 years on from his role as teenager Pike, Ian Lavender will travel the country meeting the people, teenagers at the time, who through the war found themselves doing jobs they could never have imagined.

Ian will discover what Secretary of State for War, Antony Eden's call to the country to do "whatever was needed" actually meant to people’s day to day lives and how the work of those keeping the home fires burning not only shaped the war and boosted moral but transformed beyond recognition the lives of teenagers doing their bit for King and Country right across Britain.

This is a warm, rich and poignant look at the successes, courage and ingenuity of those who contributed to the Home Front.

Channel 4’s Lizi Wootton commissioned this one off from Tern Television.

October 12, 2016 1:44pm ET by Channel 4   Comments (0)

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