David Baddiel takes over C4 continuity this Friday for Dementia Awareness Week

David Baddiel will take over the Channel 4 continuity mic this Friday (19.05.17) to help raise awareness and support for Dementia Awareness Week.

The comedian has openly discussed the experience of dealing with and caring for his father, Colin, who has Pick’s Disease, an aggressive and incurable form of dementia that has stripped him of his inhibitions.

David will be providing the links between programmes on Channel 4 throughout Friday evening introducing programmes such as The Simpsons, Gogglebox and The Last Leg. In his links he will reference Dementia Awareness Week and his father’s condition.

The TV presenter will tell viewers: “Hi, I’m David Baddiel, Channel 4 is supporting Dementia Awareness Week, and as that’s a topic close to my heart, as my Dad has it, I thought I’d do the continuity for tonight. And here’s what Channel 4 continuity is all about – it’s time for Hollyoaks!”

David agreed to take over the Channel 4 continuity announcer’s booth after being invited by Channel 4’s Continuity Creative Managers to help support Dementia Awareness Week. He is currently performing his stand up show David Baddiel – My Family: Not The Sitcom at the Playhouse Theatre in London which has been extended to 3 June. The show is packed with family anecdotes including stories about his father and the impact Pick’s Disease has had both on him and his family.

In other links on Friday night David urges viewers to talk more openly about dementia: “On Channel 4 tonight we’re talking about an issue that affects so many, including my family – dementia. I’m here because I think the thing to avoid with dementia is silence. Talk about it, tweet about it. The hashtag is on the screen now. Now, the most important moment in any announcer’s day, here is the news.”

Note to Editors
According to the Alzheimer’s Society dementia is set to be the 21st Century’s biggest killer.

Dementia Awareness Week runs from 14-20 May

May 17, 2017 12:29pm ET by Channel 4  

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