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Jay and Siva from The Wanted interview for Stand Up To Cancer's 'Celebrity Hunted'

Why on earth do you want to do this?

Siva: Honestly, it’s for a few reasons. The first is, I’ve seen the show, and I thought personally that it would be a great challenge. It’s amazing, watching the show, to see how much people grow from the experience. And secondly, it’s for Stand Up to Cancer. Everyone’s got so many friends and relatives who have been affected by cancer, and it just seems stupid that cancer should still be around. It needs to be eradicated – every little helps. And thirdly, Jay. Jay is my best mate, and I thought it would be great craic to try and travel the country together and do something fun for a good cause.

Jay: I’ll second all of those. I think a combination of it being Stand Up to Cancer, and the show being awesome. I’m absolutely obsessed with it. I even watched an episode that I’ve already seen last night. And just spending time again with Siva. We see each other, when we’re in the same country, every few months, but we haven’t been together this long since we toured three years ago. So I thought that would be quite fun.

Have you guys found yourselves re-watching the show to pick up tips?

J: Yeah. I think I’m a bit more of a superfan. So I’d seen nearly every episode, and I’ve gone back and re-watched them. But watching it, and hearing the music they play over it, has really stressed me out. I’m really glad we don’t hear the soundtrack while we’re actually running. I’d prefer to hear the sounds of the countryside, instead of there being like giant violins swelling in the background. So I’ve watched loads of episodes. Siva’s watched a few as well.

Do you have any idea what kind of tactics you’ll employ?

J: Yeah, we are going to rely on people that we’ve worked with over the years who are really adept travellers, who helped us tour the world. And our families are really passionate as well, I think they’re very trustworthy. And also we’ve got a set of rules we’ve made, number one being “Abandon the plan.” So we’re not going to tie ourselves to anything in particular.

How will you guys be with roughing it? Does that suit you?

S: Yeah, I think if you’d ever seen our tour bus, nothing compares to that! The forest will look so much better. It’ll smell so much better. But this is the reason we did it – we like the outdoors, and camping. And we like moving, being on the go, experiencing stuff that’s unpredictable, and adapting to it. We’re open to any changes and surprises. As long as we stick together on this thing, any challenge will be a small challenge.

A lot of people who do this as a pair tend to fall out when the chips are down. Do you think your experience of touring together and living cheek-by-jowl will stand you in good stead?

J: Yeah, I think aside from the fact that we probably won’t be on a tour bus with a refrigerator on it, we’ll be fine. We’ve been through a lot together, through stressful situations, even the challenge of enduring boredom together, we’ve done it all. And I think we find each other very entertaining. We rarely argue – I think we’ve had two arguments ever, if that. So I think we’re good.

Apart from watching the show, have you guys done anything in the way of preparation for this?

J: Aside from educating all our families, so we’ve got a real knowledgeable base around us, we’ve looked into ways we can disguise ourselves. We’re going to want to rough it, but there’s got to be times when we want to interact with people too, and we don’t want every person we pass to be like “Hey, that’s that dude from The Wanted,” or “That’s that guy who did Strictly.” So I think we’re going to try and be as unrecognisable as possible.

S: Also we’ve got a workout routine for every day, mentally and physically, just to keep us prepared for whatever happens.

Do you guys have any anticipation about what the hardest thing will be when you’re on the run?

S: I think mine, personally, is the food situation. Sometimes we might be out camping somewhere and we won’t get enough food. We’ve got limited funds, so we’ll have to ask people for money or do jobs for them, and if there’s a day or two where I miss dinner, that’s going to put me under a lot of stress, because I’m skinny. If I miss one day, I disappear.

What do you guys think you’ll miss the most about being in your normal lives?

J: What will I miss the most? I think I’ll miss the news. Hopefully along the way we’ll get the news, but I really like reading the news every day, and getting an idea of what the world’s up to. Good or bad, I know what’s going on. The idea that we’re just in this bubble, that might make me go a little stir crazy.

Are either of you taking any little luxury items with you?

S: I guess books. Jay’s bringing a Spanish book.

J: Yeah, if we’re on the run for a long time, I think it’s good to have little goals all the time. I think it’ll be an opportunity not to be distracted by an email, or someone calling you. You can just sit there and improve your mind a bit.

Is this just a bit of fun for you guys, and the chance to raise some cash for Stand Up to Cancer, or are you guys deadly serious about wanting to beat the hunters?

S: I think initially we were like “This seems a great laugh, we’ll raise money, have fun for a good cause… But now we’re about to go, and we’ve seen all the crew, it’s a lot different. We’re actually doing it, and it’s terrifying and exciting at the same time. So it’s become very serious and very real. It’s almost like a personal challenge for me and Jay, something to tick off that we experienced together. It’s very serious. I can’t explain how serious it is. I hope you can hear the seriousness in my voice!

Celebrity Hunted starts Tuesday 10th October at 9:15pm on Channel 4

October 5, 2017 4:48am ET by Channel 4  

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