The Supervet traps himself in a cage to expose cruelty of UK puppy trade


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Professor Noel Fitzpatrick submits himself to shocking conditions for Animal Rescue Live [August].

Noel is pictured here at the beginning of his journey, trapped in a cage in the back of a van replicating what thousands of farmed dogs have to endure when they are forced on a long and frightening journey to numerous places of sale – which can include innocuous-looking locations such as private homes, stables, farms and pet shops.

He’s shining a light on the dark, hidden, desperate and often short lives of animals born and being used for breeding in farms here in the UK, with no regard for any aspect of their welfare.

Noel Fitzpatrick says: “There is a silent crisis happening right under our noses – a dark secret in the otherwise joyful world of dogs. Tens of thousands of puppies are farmed and transported across the UK to be sold to unknowing families. Too young, too weak, too sick. They are woefully neglected and afraid. No one should be brought into the world in this way, without love and without certainty, with more care for the profit and not the pup. I want to show everyone this terrible journey from their eyes, travelling and experiencing the conditions and fears a young puppy would face. The more people know about this reality the more we can work together to stop puppy farming forever.”

So-called puppy mills breed animals on an industrial scale. Sometimes denied access to light, space and freedom of movement, many will die as a result of infection and genetic deformities, and those that remain unsold are often dumped. Those offered for sale online can appear to be healthy, but it can be almost impossible, as a responsible prospective purchaser, to establish an animal’s background and history of abuse.

Although new legislation* comes into effect in 2020, aimed at transparency and preventing animals from being sold by third-party dealers, current practices cause lifelong socialisation and health issues which, without adequate enforcement of new law, may continue.

People need to know where their puppy may have come from, that’s why Noel is doing this.

Follow Noel’s journey in full on Animal Rescue Live (Blast! Films) – coming to Channel 4 in August.

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July 29, 2019 5:18am ET by Channel 4  


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