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Interview with Connor Calland (Jordan Price) on Holloaks

Does Jordan feel any guilt for exploiting the young people of Hollyoaks?

There is a part of him that must feel guilt, but at the end of the day, it’s work and it’s his neck on the line as well. If he has to choose between himself and another person, he’d rather it was the other person that gets in trouble. He’s got people who tell him what to do, just as he tells people below him what to do. Even though he’s ‘high up’ he’s still got pressures behind him, so he’s just staying out of trouble by putting people in trouble who are below him. 

How much do you know about why Jordan became a drug dealer?

I’ve had a good few conversations with the writers and Bryan [Kirkwood] about Jordan’s back story and I feel I know why he does what he does. He sees a lot of himself in Juliet - not having a strong family around him or feeling stable, he sees her potential. Like Juliet, Jordan didn’t really have a mother figure and his father wasn’t around emotionally, so he found comfort, security and approval from those gangs and that’s how he’s in the position he’s in. 

Is he at all protective of his cousin, Sid who has started working for him?

I think he does treat Sid differently. Jordan believes that blood is thicker than water, but he’ll always put himself first. There are situations where he will protect Sid, but then there are other times where he needs to teach him a lesson or remind him who’s boss and he’ll take advantage of that.

Does Jordan ever get scared?

Yea, I think he does. He’s been in this game for a long time but he’s always going to get scared. Whether that’s scared of the people who are above him, or scared of rival people, I think he is scared of a multitude of things, he just puts on a brave face consistently.

Hollyoaks showed an episode recently which flashed-forward to NYE 2020 and revealed an unnamed fatality, could Jordan be in danger?

I think there’s always that danger, especially knowing that his boss is making an appearance - that’s an added threat for Jordan. I want to say he’s safe, but it’s a dog eat dog world, it’s survival of the fittest.

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