First look at Hollyoaks’ New Year’s Eve flashforward special episode in new winter trailer


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Hollyoaks are launching a brand-new winter trailer which will showcase the highly anticipated New Year’s Eve 2020 flashforward finale.

Tragedy greets John Paul and PC Kiss
Will evil Edward kill Tony… or Diane?
Serial killer Silas Blissett targets young McQueens
Felix discovers his son’s a killer
Warren and Sienna’s affair outed

The special episode was first teased one year ago, with flashes of the storyline hinting to what the year had in store for the residents of Hollyoaks village. The trailer includes first look scenes at where we are 12 months later, little did we know what would happen in the year of 2020…

The trailer reminds viewers of the haunting speech Nancy gave at last years NYE party: “I am proud to be part of this community. We are trying to give our kids a flying start in what can be a pretty terrifying world. I wish you all a year of happiness, of unrivalled success, and love”.

The past year has been building up to this dramatic climax, which teased a deadly end for one resident, but what have we learned in the past year:

The New Year’s Eve wedding is for Tom Cunningham, and Yazz Maalik. In the trailer, loved up bride to be Yazz gushes over her fiancé as she tries on wedding dresses for the big day, but will it all go off without a hitch…

Tragedy for John Paul... In the trailer, we are taken back to the scene of the crime, where John Paul is hysterically crying over a body bag, but now we can see that his boyfriend, PC George Kiss’ work badge is lying right next to it. George has been investigating the County Lines run over the past year.

Leela and Ste are back. The trailer sees Leela and Ste cheers to 2021 in The Loft as they prepare for the wedding, but little does Leela know the dangers Sid and Juliet are in.

Horror return as dangerous Jordan Price is back and reinstated as boss. The trailer shows him ramping up the pressure on young Charlie and Ella as they face threats and intimidation.

Juliet’s trying to escape the County Lines run. Despite her best efforts, Juliet can’t escape the County Lines world she finds herself in. She has been rising up the ranks over the past year, and in the trailer it’s panic stations as boss Victor threatens her family…

Sid is feeling isolated. Sid’s involvement in drugs has resulted in dire consequences as he had a devastating accident, while high, which led to the amputation of his leg. In the trailer, an emotional Sid is struggling to adapt to his new life.

Mandy, Nancy and Darren are closer to finding out the truth. Earlier this year a young Ella and a vulnerable Charlie were manipulated by Juliet and her bosses, into selling drugs as part of the County Lines operation in Hollyoaks village. The trailer shows Mandy finding a large amount of money in Ella’s bag, and police finding drugs in Nancy’s house. Are they finally going to find out what their children have been up to…?

Marnie and Misbah’s friendship. An unlikely friendship between Misbah and Marnie was teased in flashforward scenes 12 months ago, and it is now clear why, as Marnie received support from Misbah, after she was defaced, humiliated and tormented by drug boss Victor.

Romeo and Cher. Last year, we saw Romeo crying over a lost love, and with this year’s budding romance between Romeo and Cher, it might be clear who he is crying about, but has something happened to Cher?

Other storylines teased in the trailer: The walls are closing in on Edward Hutchinson, but he will not go down without a fight. He viciously attacks Diane with a briefcase, and later tells Tony that Diane is dead, before offering his distraught son a ‘to die for’ mince pie… Meanwhile, donning a Santa suit, serial killer Silas Blissett declares that the McQueen’s will never see Mercedes son, Bobby, again, as he continues his torment on the family.

Elsewhere, Sienna and Brody’s relationship is on the rocks as Brody grows closer to newcomer Summer, and Sienna cosies up to her ex-boyfriend, Warren. The trailer teases this coming to a head when Liberty announces that she saw Warren and Sienna kissing. And finally, Celeste is set to reveal the truth about her brother, Toby’s dark side to their father, Felix, as she admits to him that his son is a killer.

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November 24, 2020 9:00am ET by Channel 4  


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