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Britain’s favourite daytime cooking competition is back for a new series, and for the first time ever on Come Dine with Me it’ll be professional chefs battling it out in the kitchen.

All-new Come Dine With Me: The Professionals will celebrate the wonderful variety of restaurants and the amazing characters who work in them across the UK, with this series heading to Glasgow, Cardiff, Newcastle, Nottingham, Bristol, Leeds, Liverpool, Birmingham, London and Manchester.

In each episode, three local restaurant duos will go head to head as they take it in turns to host the others for a three course dinner and prove they’ve got what it takes to win the £1,000 prize. At the end of each meal, the visiting restaurant pairs will score their host’s dinner out of 20, with the highest scorers overall scooping the prize.

There’ll be stunning cooking, hilarious hosting, no shortage of drama and some secret scoring as these restaurateurs do battle for the coveted cash prize.

Come Dine With Me: The Professionals starts Monday 27 June. Watch the series weekdays at 5pm on Channel 4 and watch free All 4

Episode 1 – Yorkshire
Today’s brand new Come Dine With Me: The Professionals heads to Yorkshire, where first to host are purveyors of posh nosh, Chef/Owner Ben and front of house Jo at their intimate dining restaurant The Barn.

Will their love fueled menu set the pulses racing for fellow guests Chef Brian and his business partner and other half Lisa of Disco Kitchen and Fint restaurant owner and Chef Simon with his manager Sakina.

Day two sees Brian and Lisa try and impress with their eclectic menu of French classics and a platter of street food treats? But will some kitchen friction spill over and spoil their night.

For the final night, it’s the turn of Scandi inspired restaurant Fint to put on a spread. But will some of the quirky vegan alternatives prove too leftfield for the others?

Episode 2 – Bristol
Today’s brand new Come Dine With Me Professionals heads to Bristol where our first hosts are Mexican restaurant Dalia Cucina owner/chef Kirsty and front of house Tamsin.

Battling them for the £1,000 prize are mother and daughter team Jeanette and Jaida from vegan Caribbean Fi Real who cry out for more flavour in the pork stew main. Head chef Neil and front of house Paulo from Mediterranean Bambalan find fault with the main too, but it’s energetic Tamsin who makes the most impact on the group and keeps the laughs going.

Day two sees Bambalan chef supremo Neil helped in the kitchen by Paulo, Their slick well-presented food gets the diners excited, but whilst the main is a hit, the hard base on the cheesecake is a let down.

Jeanette gets up and shows off her dancing skills, much to her daughter Jaida’s embarrassment while Paulo ends the meal with a Ukulele sing song, inviting the group to share their thoughts on the meal. Cue awkward on-the-spot disaster for Kirsty and a head in hands moment for poor Jaida.

The final night sees Fi Real hosting but after the success of the previous nights they have it all to do. Their lentil stew gets the evening off to a great start with positively rave reviews but the spicy jerk tofu main puts a dint in their chances.

A reggae boogie with other guests and kitchen staff getting involved but will it be enough to give them the edge and grab the grand?

Episode 3 – South Wales
Today’s brand new Come Dine With Me Professionals heads to South Wales, where Prego start the week with sibling duo Toni and Andrea aiming to provide a fully authentic Italian experience for their guests.

Martine and Lana from the Lamb and Flag have problems with the prawn starter, while Dan and Rhys from La Cocina Tapas pay compliments to the carbonara main. There’s a smashing singalong (in more ways than one) before a dessert debate over the tiramisu.

Dan and Rhys are hoping to see off the competition with their fresh Spanish servings on day two while Toni and Andrea are put off by the medium rare pork during the main however it’s Martine and Lana’s preferences across the night that put the hosts’ noses out of joint.

The culmination of the competition at the Lamb and Flag sees Martine and Lana serving posh pub grub to their guests. Dan and Rhys dish up some cutting comments over the goats cheese crumpet starter, before Toni and Andrea baulk at the burgers brought out for the main.

Toni takes centre stage during the week’s second singsong but the hosts week finishes with a whimper when they serve their waffles.

Have they done enough to take home this week’s wedge?

Episode 4 – East London
Kicking off the competition in East London are Chef/Owner Nina and front of house Chloe of Jellyfish - Lebanese inspired street food served in one of the area’s most popular live music pubs.

Up against them for the £1,000 prize are meat loving Brazilian chef Eduardo and his Italian front of house sidekick Valentina from steakhouse, Omnino and football mad chef Victor and restaurant owner Ben of local Italian Bombetta.

Day two sees the Bombetta boys let the ingredients do the talking with simple Italian food cooked with love - but with Valentina, a real Italian, coming to visit, will it be enough to impress?

Finally it’s the turn of Omnino where it’s all about the meat for Eduardo and Valentina.

And while the stakes are high, will the scores for the steaks reach the lofty heights required to bag first place?

Episode 5 – Manchester
This week’s Manchester competition begins at Brewchimp Indian and Social club, where joint owners David and Raj are hoping to wow their guests with their Indian tapas street food.

David joins Chef Raj in the kitchen as they try to impress Alan and Michelle from One Plus Chinese Restaurant while owner Mark and Head Dawn from Wild West themed Old School BBQ bus are not shy in voicing their opinions and David reveals a little too much about himself around the table.

Day two sees Mark try and tantalise with their Texan themed menu. Raj questions the technicality of the dishes whilst Alan shows off his best Gangnam style impression. The evening ends with a good old fashioned hoedown but it’s not to everyone's liking.

Finally it’s the turn of Alan and Michelle from One Plus to impress with yet another BBQ. As Dave falls for a few knock knock jokes and Mark makes a curious confession, things seem to be going well. However, when the flames on the BBQ fail to reach the right temperature things look like they might unravel.

Have our hosts blown their chances or can they still salvage their night and be in with a chance of grabbing the £1000 prize money?

More to follow…

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