Meet Connor from Channel 4’s new reality show "Rise and Fall"


Channel 4

Age: 27
From: Kent
Occupation: Care home manager

Connor started volunteering in the care sector at the age of 16 and always knew it was what he wanted to do on leaving school. He now works with the elderly and people with disabilities.

Who is a great leader?
A strong leader is someone like my mother. She’s always whipped me into shape, she’s never taken any c**p from anybody. She shows strength and she’s also a diva like me. You have to have that element of sass and characteristic of being diva-ish. You’ve just got to be confident in how you deal with things.

What qualities do you have that will help you win Rise and Fall?
I’m a strong person. To win Rise and Fall I think you have to be outspoken, I’m good at analysing people and I think I’ll be able to sniff out the weaker ones, the fake ones, all the manipulators and I think I’ll be able to sniff out the worst ones. With my charm and sass, I’ll probably work my way right up to the top and win Rise and Fall series one.


The first ever episode of Rise and Fall aired at 9pm on Sunday 19th March.

Rise and Fall will air every night between Monday-Friday.

Source Channel 4

March 21, 2023 3:00am ET by Channel 4  


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