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Why did you sign up to Scared In The Dark?

Do you know what? I've never done anything like it. I think it might be nice just talking to people in the dark. I think that might be really chilled and campfire vibes, but without the fire and I like the thought of that.

Are you scared of the dark?

I've always been a lights out kind of guy. Even when I was a kid, I never had a door cracked. You know what I mean? With the bathroom light on. I was never like that. Although, the house I lived in in Salford got broken into 12 times in eight years. And a few of those times it was pitch black and we were home. We'd looked down and couldn't see he was there, I suppose that was a bit sketchy. I think after the 12th we moved out. That was the cut point for me mum!

Do you have any other fears or phobias?

Man United fans! Man United in general I think is my biggest fear. Old Trafford's a phobia of mine. Do you know what? Probably my worst, not fear, but ick, I guess, is negativity, if someone is moaning a lot. I'm not someone who quickly jumps in and is like, "Shut up." It's not me. I don't really like confrontation, but negativity constantly really gets on me nerves. I like positivity. Because I can feel quite negative if I'm surrounded by it and that's not a nice feeling.

What's your biggest fear or concern about taking on an experiment like this?

Boredom. I do get bored really easy. That's the biggest fear doing it is just being sat around. I'm sure there will be some really interesting people that will have loads of stories. I'm probably getting too much in my own head thinking about things, when I'm active in daily life working, all that negative stuff in my life, I'm able to just mask for the day or whatever. I'm trying to work out how best to think about stuff. I don't necessarily want to think about I'm on TV, but I suppose that's the test, isn't it? Maybe I'll come out stronger on the other side because of it.

What sort of things are you worried that you'll be brooding on in the darkness?

Thinking about my nan. I always worry about her. I'm really close with my nan. I was brought up by my nan, along with my parents and my granddad. He's not here anymore, but my nan's nearly 92. I usually spend loads of time with her. I'll usually stay there three nights a week, but because we've been working so much, I've just not been there the last six months. At least I'm able to speak to her and stuff with my dad, on FaceTime, whatever. If it was just a week, like a holiday or whatever, then fine. But a week in darkness is probably going to seem like a month. There's a lot of time to get in me head and worry how she is and other things. And my mate passed away. I'll probably think a lot about that. But I think hopefully I can just think about him and think in a positive light and have him drive me on, I guess.

You said you get bored easily, how will you entertain yourself in there?

I was going to say read a book. Not going to happen, is it? I hope there's a good singer in there. I have no idea. We're all probably going to go a little bit mad and get really creative through madness, which is quite exciting really. It is just going to be so out there this and who was it? That politician that was acting like a cat one time? George Galloway. I'm probably going to end up like him by the end of this.

How do you think you’ll cope in the dark when it comes to eating?

That's going to be a challenge, isn't it? Because I tried practicing a little bit, a couple of nights ago. Wasn't good. Drinks went everywhere. I couldn't find anything. In the light, I'm really clumsy so I might struggle and I jump quite a lot. I'm quite jumpy. Something touches me or a noise. I'll jump. I'm going to be a nightmare. I'm going to probably do everyone's head in with that. But I can't help that. I am quite jumpy.

Are you worried about any bad habits being caught on camera that fans potentially haven't seen before?

Do you know what? I haven't even thought about that. I actually said to someone the other day, I said, "There's a shower there which is good." Because I love having a shower, I shower two, three times a day. I was like, "The good thing is no can see you. You can just dash in whenever you want." She said, "Max, everyone can see you. That's the point." I was thinking about the people in the bunker. I'm going to have to train myself to remember that people can see me. Just I can't.

Is there anybody that you really hope doesn't walk through the door?

Oh my God. I could name about 100 but no, not particularly! I suppose that'll be easier anyway in the dark, won't it? Won't have to look at each other. If they come in and say their name and it's someone I don't like, I'm just going to pretend to be somebody else. I'll just say I'm Jay from The Wanted so I can tell similar stories.

You're going to be doing challenges, do you think you'll get competitive?

Yeah. I got fitted with a harness this morning. That was so exciting. Harness. Why? What are we doing? And they were like, "On the day, it's going to be really tight." I was like, "Okay, so we're getting flung about a bit then?" That was exciting. It's not so much competitive with other people, it's just when I'm doing something I want to achieve it. I want to win it for me. I just want to be good at it. I think everyone does. Don't they? When they do something, they'd rather be good at it, but I've always been into physical stuff, adrenaline fuelled stuff. I've always loved all that. If it's stuff like that, I'll be really happy. I was buzzing when I got a harness.

Will you pull a few pranks while you're in there and cause a bit of mischief?

Yeah. I might do. If someone's whinging, especially. If they're really whinging about everything, then you might as well just play into it and add to it. I feel like possibilities are endless in the dark. Moving stuff would work. Scary stuff wouldn't work because I'd only ended up scaring myself. I'd just end up jumping and then I'd be scared. The moving stuff might be good. You just don't want to do anything too serious, because it's in the dark. If you get it wrong, it could really backfire.

How are you feeling about potential mishaps like touching something you shouldn’t?

Obviously, that's just going to be part and parcel of it, isn't it? I was talking to a producer and they were like, "If you have a shower, whether you shower with someone on your own." I was like, "I'm pretty sure I'd know if I were showering with somebody." Maybe not, it’s that dark. Do you know what I mean?

Have you thought about what you’ll wear and how you’ll dress yourself in the dark?

Do you know what? On the list was plain trackies, socks and pyjamas. That'll do me. Honestly, that's what I'm like anyway at home so it's only when I go out I make an effort. But in general I sit at home in my tracky with my dog and chill. I'm not bothered about that. And it's in the dark, isn't it? If I can't see that it looks like shit then I won't feel like shit. I’ll feel fine. Because in my head I'm like, "Oh you look good today." Doesn't really matter.

Do you think we'll see a different side to you on this show?

Maybe because I suppose it is much more exposed and you're in the dark so you definitely feel more vulnerable in the dark. I think having people there and having all that time in the world to just open up and talk then probably yeah people will see a different side to me because I don't talk that much about me. Maybe this will be an opportunity where I do open up a bit about who I am and what I am, whereas before I've just done things, but it's either my music or it's acting or it was Strictly, but no one really got to know who I was in that. Because they're all certain roles and Strictly I just couldn't dance! That didn't really last. Once I trust the people that are in there, maybe there will be a different side that comes out.

How are you feeling about being cut off from the outside world and social media?

That is going to be weird. Obviously, not talking to my close ones every day is the worst bit. Social media, I’m not bothered about that, but it's more just checking in with my nan, my parents and Maisie, just seeing how they are, how's your day been. Can't do that. That is going to be really strange because I speak to my closest every day, five, six times a day. It's just the way it is. That will be weird.


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