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Charli XCX on songwriting: 'It comes out like word vomit'

'Boom Clap' songstress Charli XCX has opened up about songwriting and revealed that lyrics tend to come out of her imagination 'like word vomit'.

Speaking to Marie Claire, the beauty explained that her creative process is kind of 'sloppy' as she likes to just get every thought down on paper without putting them in order:

"It's a total mess. I am very spontaneous when I write; it kind of just comes out. I never think about what I'm going to write about first... it just sort of comes out like word vomit. Actually, my songwriting process is very selfish - I don't ever think about my audience. I just think about myself."

The star went onto add that her debut album doesn't sound like her because she wasn't as confident as she is now, and she can hear that in the songs:

"[My first album] True Romance was definitely, in part, still me finding my voice as a writer. I was nervous, and I was a lot more shy. The album sounds bruised. I feel like, in some ways, I was trying to be someone I wasn't. Sucker is 100 per cent me, and I've said things on the record that I would have been too afraid to say before. It's real, raw, and loud."

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