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Charli XCX on listening to other artists' albums

Charli XCX has revealed that she lacks the "attention span" to "sit down and listen" to other artists' albums.

The British singer-songwriter has admitted most of the time she listens to her own tunes and only puts on records when she is driving or occupied with something else.

When asked about how the music industry will change after the coronavirus pandemic is over, she suggested that streaming numbers are low in the current climate because commuters aren't listening to music on their way to work and in their cars as they are at home.

She said: "I do that too though. I really don't listen to too much music other than my own. 

"The only time I put it on is in the car. That's it... I don't put on an album at home and listen to it.

"I don't have the attention span to be like: 'I'm going to sit down and listen to this album.'" 

The 27-year-old music star is currently working on her upcoming isolation album, how i'm feeling now, which is out on May 15, and admitted she is quite chilled out about it because she already has six out of the 10 tracks finished.

She said: "I checked the timer today and I was like: 'Oh, there's thirty days left. No problem!'"

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