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Charli XCX Teases Release Date of Fifth Studio Album

Charli XCX appears to have announced the release date for her fifth studio album.

The 29-year-old British singer-songwriter is known to be working on the follow-up to 2020's how I'm feeling now - which she released on May 15 - and took to her social media pages over the weekend to share a picture of a gravestone with the death date of March 18, 2022, leading fans to speculate that she may release her next LP then.

A new single, "Good Ones", is also set to arrive on September 2, while Charli recently teamed up with Joel Corry and Jax Jones on "OUT OUT".

As for what direction fans can expect, Charli recently teased that she wants to make "ultimate pop music".

The "Boom Clap" hitmaker has been having a lot of "fun" in the recording studio, though she warned fans her material will be very different from the songs on her last album.

She said: "I’m just very into making ultimate pop music, and the whole album is very contrasting from ‘how I’m feeling now’. I’m exploring what it means to be a pop star on a major label in a not very current way. And that’s really fun to me."

Charli has also revealed that sex features heavily in her songs, adding: "There are a couple of songs that have stayed as a part of this new project. And to be honest, the meaning of them hasn’t changed. I mean, they were all kind of about sex. And that’s still been quite constant for me throughout the pandemic.

"With the way that I feel about myself and my sexuality and romance, the pandemic hasn’t changed that too much. For me, it just didn’t feel like what I needed to say at that moment in time, it actually feels more, now.

"The idea of leaving my house, going back out into the world, wearing provocative clothes, dancing all night, that kind of equates more to the music that I was making before the pandemic."

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