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Cher Lloyd on criticism from Louis Walsh: 'He's so stuck in the past'

'Want U Back' beauty Cher Lloyd has revealed that she was hurt to hear that 'X Factor' judge Louis Walsh had described her as the most difficult act he has ever worked with on the show, but doesn't take his comments to heart because it's old news. 

Speaking to Digital Spy about Walsh's sour remarks, she explained that it was a little uncomfortable to hear, but she isn't bothered about it because it's something that happened a few years ago and is completely irrelevant now:

"It's something I find very strange, especially from an older gentleman against a young girl. But I'm much older and much more experienced, so it would be good to have a conversation with him now. To make a comment about someone you worked with two or three years ago who was 16 years old at the time, it was a little bit unnecessary. I must be on his mind. Bless."

The 'Sirens' star also went onto add that she doesn't like to hold grudges so tries not to let situations like this get to her:

"It's nice to see that people aren't getting stuck in the past. I feel the same with people I've met... that have really been quite harsh and forceful and a bit mean for me. I've seen them for the person they are now and the way they are treating me. I never hold a grudge."

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