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Cher Lloyd and Ne-Yo unveil making of 'It's All Good' video

Cher Lloyd and Ne-Yo have given fans a glimpse into the making of their recent single.

The pair released the track 'It's All Good' in June to promote US fruit snack company Fruttare.

They asked for fans to submit their thoughts on what comes to mind when they think of the phrase 'it's all good' as well as times in their life that have been happy.

Lloyd and Ne-Yo have now issued a behind the scenes clip looking at the making of the song and also what appears to be the track's video.

As previously reported, Lloyd recently revealed that she thinks the likes of One Direction have opened doors for fellow X Factor contestants to make it big.

She said: "We're [both] always all over the place trying to work hard and trying to get somewhere, so I've seen a lot of [One Direction] on the Internet and on TV, and it's great they're doing so well. It kind of sets it up for me, too. You know, if someone else can do it from a TV show, then I can do it, too. It's hard for anyone to break into this music industry, and I think having a collective bunch of people makes it slightly easier."






Watch the 'It's All Good' teaser clip below: