lil a-lik releases addictive new single 'CALL ME'


Chloe Mogg

His new single ‘Call Me’ collaborated with spcbyeq, is a hip-hop infused track that hits you hard, accompanied with a sublime mixture of auto tuned vocals and rapping. Lil a-lik’s melodies are undeniable and ebbs and flows throughout with an ease. A track all about realising that you’re better off without a certain person and moving on with your life, he channels this energy with a hugely energetic performance and works in harmony with spcbyeq.

It’s clear that lil-lik now has a creative vision and knows what he wants from his music, which is such a hard thing to find, but he brings it in spades in ‘Call Me’.

Lil a-lik speaks more on the meaning behind ‘Call Me’:

“I'd honestly say it's about letting go, reminiscing on the past and ultimately deciding to end things because it just wasn't good for you. “Messages turn green, remember they used to turn just blue” which is what I say in the hook refers to being blocked on iMessage. Basically the messages (blue) stop being instantly delivered and show up green instead. Signifying the end of a relationship and remembering a time before it all ended.”


lil a-lik is a primary example of an artist who likes to mould together genres and not shelved in one type of music specifically. Offering what comes through as an influential modern hip-hop style, there are also aspects of rock and emo intertwined, in what is a cutting edge, sonically diverse sound. Finding huge success through Spotify on the way, amassing over two million streams on his track ‘Same Feelings’ creating a hugely invested audience. His love for freestyling and rap also comes to the fore, alongside his plethora of talents at his disposal.

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January 21, 2022 10:22am ET by Chloe Mogg  

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