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Bryan Kang aka BKANG is a DJ, songwriter, performer, and producer. BKANG hails from a music and technology background and believes that music can bond people together from all parts of the world and that is what he aims to achieve with his music. BKANG arrives in early 2022 with his electrifying offering ‘Take You Home’. The song was a unique creative experience for BKANG, who created the song virtually with singer-songwriter Gillian Caruso.

“It’s one of the most interesting songs I’ve created. Due to the global pandemic, all the communications were done through text messages and email. I sent the instrumental part of the song to Gillian and then we agreed on the theme of the song. Gillian wrote the lyrics and sang the vocals and the mixing was done.” BKANG shares.
The instrumental part of the track was created in his cousin's basement in NYC, where BKANG jotted down ideas in Logic and brought the project to life.

“This song talks about individuals wanting to have fun and get into a new relationship.” BKANG adds.

BKANG’s songs have deep meaning and with his music, he wants to showcase how music affects people. A look at his songs will give one a good understanding of the kind of music that BKANG is making.


Born and raised in Taipei, Taiwan, Bryan learned how to DJ and produce music in high school and after moving to Hoboken/NYC, he got the opportunity to perform gigs. After a musical performance with Grammy U in SUNY Oneonta, it opened up new opportunities for Bryan in the world of music. Growing upm Bryan found himself inspired by a melting pot of different musical genres, from artists such as Michael Jackson, Queen, AC/DC and David Guetta.

“During 8th grade is when I transferred to an American school in Taiwan. Every student was required to take a music credit, and since I never learned a traditional instrument, I decided to take the “Music Mix” class that was offered. It was that class that got me into music production and it was the first time I’ve experienced using a DAW (Digital Audio Workstation) called Mixcraft. I then discovered Logic Pro X and quickly learned how to use the program. Every day I was pretty much learning new things about the program and started to produce my own songs. At the same time, I was also learning how to DJ off YouTube and every chance I got I DJ’d for a school event for the experience. And now I’ve released a single and have DJ’d at bars and restaurants in NY & Hoboken and at nightclubs in Taiwan.”

Bryan continues to hone his craft as a musician, he’s currently enrolled at the Stevens Institute of Technology majoring in Music & Technology.

BKANG’s 2022 plans include working on his debut album. He also has plans of working and producing an album for singer Kiera Kennedy. BKANG hopes to DJ at nightclubs and music festivals across the country in the future.

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January 27, 2022 10:49am ET by Chloe Mogg  

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