Million Chameleon introduces his lo-fi indie-pop sound with ‘Getting Better’


Chloe Mogg

Million Chameleon is an artist who has a hugely vibrant background. Born and raised in Italy and falling in love with all types of music, he first brought himself to guitar and was influenced by a mixture of Italian and UK artists such as David Bowie, Genesis, Pino Daniele and Battiato. This unique array inspired Chameleon to continue to push the boundaries of opportunity whenever they aise, which led him to move to London to carry on this infatuation. He has since learnt and grown a lot, finding a sweet spot between chilled pop and R&B, with elements of hip-hop in his releases.

He now returns with super chilled and immersive new single ‘Getting Better’ which seems to showcase all of his talents in one offering. Million Chameleon has a charisma and suave in his voice which carries through effortlessly, and ‘Getting Better’ is a soothing and calming track that hits all the right notes. It opens with an almost mo-town organ sound and ambient guitars, before settling into a tight groove that welcomes you in.

Reminiscent of Leon Bridges in this one, Million Chameleon has found a sound that will resonate with lovers of pop, funk and R&B, with an infectious melody line and instrumentation that feels nostalgic yet fresh all at once. With plenty more material in the pipeline, this young troubadour only has bigger and better things ahead for him.

Speaking more on the meaning behind ‘Getting Better’, Million says:

“The song is about dropping all masks and really living through your emotion, not really understanding it but nonetheless letting it guide who you are.”

Source Chloe Mogg

April 10, 2022 2:07pm ET by Chloe Mogg  

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