Hong Kong's XTIE releases new anthemic dance-pop track ‘Spaceship’


Chloe Mogg

Hong Kong based Independent electro-pop producer-artist XTIE returns with her euphoric self-produced new single ‘Spaceship’, as seen recently on MTV Asia, and ahead of her debut album release in March 2023.

‘Spaceship’ is an anthemic dance-pop track with intertwining synthesizer work, that tells the story about running away from bad habits, insecurities, dark thoughts, toxicity, and many other absurd issues faced by the world.

Blending her irresistible pop rhythms with her astute songwriting, the avant-garde themed music video directed by FANSHU and music video director KAHO assimilates eccentric, surreal techno-spacecraft visuals that are “out of this world”, to complement the track’s signature soaring production of indie-pop, dream pop, and electro pop beats.

“Spaceship is an echo to my debut single ‘Flower Town’ which is a happier, younger, and freer-sounding song about finding inner peace and escapism. A contrast to the seemingly naivety of ‘Flower Town’, ‘Spaceship’ takes on a more mature approach in recognizing the difficulty that lies in escaping from the bigger problems in life.”

XTIE continues to set herself up as a promising talent in the industry. A true gem to keep your eye on as one of the most exhilarating newcomers on the scene.

Listen to 'Spaceship' below:

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July 26, 2022 9:00pm ET by Chloe Mogg  

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