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Christina Aguilera: 'I thought The Voice would be like my side project'

Vocal sensation Christina Aguilera has admitted that when she first signed up to be a judge on The Voice she looked at the role as something of a "side project".

Speaking to Ryan Seacrest earlier today (September 14) on his KIIS-FM radio show, she explained that she didn't expect the show or her involvement in it to be so important:

"[I thought], 'It'll keep me close to my son [Max, 4] in L.A. I don't have to travel'. Then it kind of took off, and there goes my free time!"

"We were all sort of holding hands together and jumping off the cliff saying, 'We believe in this concept.' I think [executive producer] Mark Burnett really helped us all sort of understand that this wasn't something to poke fun at people. This was about promoting true talent and supporting that. We can poke fun at each other, but you know, we're not into trying to do that to people on stage."

Aguilera, who also debuted her new single 'Your Body' during the interview, also opened up about her relationship with the other mentors on the programme and explained they are "like 5-year-olds" when they're together:




"These guys are like my brothers at this point. It's hilarious what we do behind the scenes and then on camera. It's ruckus. It's so funny. One second me and Adam are in the back, Blake's taking a nap, and we're bored, so I take my red lipstick out and we start writing profanity on the outside of his trailer. We're like 5-year-olds."

Listen to her new single, 'Your Body', below: