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Conor Maynard won't go down same route as Bieber: "I'm good at not breaking the law"

Conor Maynard has reassured fans that he won't end up like Justin Bieber.

The Brighton youngster has often been regarded as the British Bieber, but it seems he is keen not to go down the same route as the Canadian.

The 'Believe' man is due in court on two separate cases next month as he battles driving, substance and assault charges.

Speaking to Bang Showbiz, Maynard stated that he has no worries about falling foul of the law like Bieber.

He said: "I don't worry about ending up like Justin. I can just not do any illegal stuff! I feel like I'm good at not breaking the law. That's always a good trait to have as a person."

The singer added: ''As an outsider looking in I feel like that maybe he feels as though he can't do anything right, no matter what he does he's going to be shot down. Maybe in he thinks, 'If you want me to do things wrong, I'll show you'. But you never know what's going on in people's heads, you never know the pressures and the stresses that Justin has."




Watch Conor Maynard in action below: