Outfit Stream Debut EP In Full, Release 'Another Night's Dreams Reach Earth Again' EP 14th May On Double Denim

Watch the band's dreams unfold daily on You Tube



Outfit are streaming their debut EP in full exclusively on Dazed, along with recent track 'Drakes' being set to download for 5 days.

'Another Night's Dreams Reach Earth Again' will be released on Double Denim 14th May on 12" and mp3, hear it here alongside an interviewwww.dazeddigital.com/music/article/13358/1/outfit-exclusive-ep-stream.

The new EP, shows a different side to the electronic quintet, not dissimilar to the post r n b of previously released cut 'Dashing In Passing' and full of languid atmospherics.

The band are also uploading their dreams to You Tube on a daily basis all this week, have a look at dream #1 (see below).

Following on from a commanding support slot with Chairlift last month, Outfit will be playing an in-store for the EP at London's Rough Trade East on the 25th May along with a handful of festival appearances throughout summer including Field Day. Full details are below.

The Wirral feels like a strange island - a place connected by small towns that sprawl into big, billowing industrial towers on its outskirts. On a clear day you can see the yearning countryside of Wales. It was from this part of Merseyside that Outfit emerged from, before moving to Liverpool and living in one big house full of friends. If that phase of their early existence was documented by last year's epic post-party plea 'Two Islands' then their debut EP 'Another Night's Dreams Reach Earth Again' marks the band's shotgun move to the gleaming lights of London.

The record is characterised by a hazy fug of electronic textures that dance in and around beaming pop melodies. It's a dreamworld they describe as "tangible, alive, and no less real than waiting for a bus or being in love". 'Everything All The Time' opens the set, rubbing against a droning house chord for its four and a half minutes, sounding paranoid, ecstatic and confident all at once. 'Humboldts' threatens to lose itself to romantic introspection, this time remarking "Take a look at everything / It's the best it's ever been". Here and elsewhere Outfit's sweet spot is found in the space between melancholy and euphoria - a shadowy feeling they throw darts at on each of the four tracks that make up 'Another Night's Dreams Reach Earth Again'. Above all Outfit's music is darkly psychedelic, evocative and honest. The E.P. serves as a snapshot of their first winter as a band; returning home to twin flats in Stepney Green at strange hours, running low on security and heat. Were they tempted to return to the North West? In their words: "to go back there is to go home and to not be there is to be in the middle of something more important."

'Another Night's Dreams Reach Earth Again' Tracklisting:

  1. 'Everything All The Time' // 2. 'Humboldts' // 3. 'Drakes' // 4. 'Dashing in Passing'

Pre-order the EP herehttp://doubledenimrecords.bigcartel.com

Current Live Dates

25th May- London In Store @Rough Trade East- EP Release 
2nd June- Field Day, Victoria Park, London 
9th June- SWAYS warehouse Manchester w/Weird Era 
17th August- Beacons Festival Yorkshire 
31st August - Underage Festival, Shoreditch Park 
1st-2nd Sept- End of The Road, Dorset

For promos, guestlist and feature requests for Outfit, please contact debbie@createspark.co.uk


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