Nov. 19th: Alt-Pop artist Scoobert Doobert teams with Robel Ketema on hyper-pop banger "5G Baby"


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"Sire Doobert's exceptional quirk could very easily mask the poignancy of the lyrics but with one closer listen, I think any audience member would be able to grab ahold of meaning long enough to let it sink in." - Indie Shuffle

"Through poetic storytelling lyricism, he implores the listener that just letting go and moving with the flow can sometimes lead to the most beautiful breakthroughs." - EARMILK

"An indie pop treasure unleashing tons of boyishness, nostalgia, playfulness...and catchiness!" - Last Day Deaf

"He may not take himself too seriously, but he’s honed some serious talent" - This Song Is Sick

"In his short career, Scoobert Doobert has managed to shape his style, a pop without ties, with psychedelic overtones, well-achieved rhythmic bases and lyrics that reflect how frivolous modernity can be."- Indie Rocks MX

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Scoob On 5G Baby
"Today is the best and worst time to be alive in human history. 5G BABY is about being consumed by this moment—becoming at once eternal and meaningless. The digital bliss of instant gratification—a heaven in The Cloud. But some weird part of me misses cave painting."
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Scoobert Doobert (feat. Robel Ketema) produced by Cary Singer
Mastered by Riley Knapp
on Beformer
Art by Gentle Giant Illustrations
Canvas by Max Horwich

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Jordan Jahnke Music Publicist/Publishing Agent
Direct 213 326 5293
1833 N Normandie Ave #108
Los Angeles, CA, 90029


About Our Friend Scoob

“Like the majestic poinsettia, I (Scoobert Doobert) was birthed from the sandy soil of Encinitas, California. It’s a rad little beach town in San Diego, most famous for its great surf and fringe-religious communities. One of our main beaches, Swami’s, is named after Guru Paramahansa Yogananda. His mediation garden is pretty dope.” Praised as an “Indie Pop Treasure”-by Last Day Deaf, Scoob continues spreading the vibes and gaining new space citizens in the Scooberverse. Freshly signed to Beformer records NYC/MIAMI, Scoob is making waves in the alt-pop scene, and then surfing those waves into all our hearts. His full length Wavvy award nominated Big Hug is out now for your listening pleasure, best accompanied by everyone’s post 2020 bestie, your bong.

November 19, 2021 1:00pm ET by Play Me Sync and PR  

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