Nov 26: Chicago's TOMMASO shares a beachy sonic breeze on new single "Thinkin' of You"


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Bringing over the latest single from artist/producer TOMMASO, in a growing catalog of polished and warm twee pop. "Thinkin' of You" is a refreshingly light tune about leaving routine to explore adventure as young lovers. Any coverage you are interested in we are open to, this is also up for exclusive offers.

"Incorporating bedroom/indie pop elements into his lo-fi rock concoction, TOMMASO crafts a sun-kissed sound that radiates warmth and affection" - GigGoer - prior

"The second you hear the sweet vocal of “Sarina” being sung, it’s like a kiss to the forehead. As the song goes on, TOMMASO creates a loving and exciting atmosphere in the track. With unique little elements that stick to you" - The Luna Collective - prior

TOMMASO On The Making of "Thinkin' of You":

"‘Thinkin’ of You’ is the first song I recorded in my new home studio. For months, it was the first thing I’d play while mindlessly picking away at my guitar on my living room sofa. The chords gave off a happy yet nostalgic feel, inspiring me to write a reminiscent song about being young and in love and running away from home."

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About The Artist

TOMMASO is a songwriter, producer, and artist from Chicago, IL. Having worked behind the scenes for a multitude of artists both on the road and in the studio, TOMMASO takes center stage in his newly launched solo endeavor. Self-recorded and self-produced throughout, his singles look to toe the line between the bright and euphoric side of lofi-rock with the catchiness of indie-pop to create instantly captivating earworms chocked full of sun-kissed vibes. Each single exists in its own sonic realm and is paired with a playful and captivating music video that brings his lyrics to life. Following on from the release of his highly-praised debut singles ‘Brother’ and ‘Better On T.V.,’ his latest single ‘Sarina’ looks to continue down the thoughtful and nuanced rock n’ roll path and was recently featured on Spotify’s “Fresh Finds: Indie” editorial playlist. This new project was launched as a platform for TOMMASO to not only showcase his songs and unique production style, but to also serve as a cathartic outlet for what he wants to do at his own pace.

November 27, 2021 5:00am ET by Play Me Sync and PR  

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